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Doug Bowser
12-22-2008, 4:00 AM
This is my first post on this forum. I am not from California but I share the same interests and concerns about firearms that all of you do. I have been formally trained in target shooting and an active competitor in rifle and pistol matches since 1955. I started shooting .22 rf target rifles in Syracuse, NY at the Jefferson Street NG Armory in that year. I progressed to Highpower rifle and fired my first 600 yard match in 1962. I used a Remington 1903-A3 and it was still a legal service rifle in LEG Matches at that time.

I have been reloading since 1955 and cast most of my own bullets for pistol and rifle ammunition. I also reload smokeless and black powder shotgun ammo. I shoot sidelock muzzle loading rifles and Uberti cap and ball revolvers.

I have written five military firearm factbooks (as a hobby):

Rifles of the Snow
Mr. Garand's Rifle
Rifles of the White Death
Pocket book of German WW2 firearm codes
Neutrality through Marksmanship

I enjoy discussions on forums such as this one. I hope to check in often.

Doug Bowser

12-22-2008, 6:25 AM
thank you for writing the books. For anyone wondering about the books I found some references.

Neutrality Through Marksmanship: A Collector's and Shooter's Guide to Swedish Military Rifles 1867-1942 (http://www.amazon.com/Neutrality-Through-Marksmanship-Collectors-1867-1942/dp/B000KBLTC2/ref=tag_stc_cust_edpp_ttl)

Rifles of the White Death : A Collector's and Shooter's Guide to Finnish Military Rifles, 1918-1944 (Spiral-bound) (http://www.amazon.com/Rifles-White-Death-Collectors-1918-1944/dp/B000KZU8AW/ref=tag_stc_cust_edpp_ttl)

Also found this...

"Rifles of the White Death" by Doug Bowser
A collector's and shooter's guide to Finland's military rifles 1918-1944

Topics discussed in book:
Chapter I: Rarity of Finnish Military Rifles
Chapter II: The first Finnish Moisin Nagants
Chapter III: Rebuilding of Russian M91's 1918-1924
Chapter IV: The Civil Guard M91/24 rifle
Chapter V: The "P" series rifles 1925-27
Chapter VI: Tikkakoski Production of Model 1891 rifles 1925-27
Chapter VII: M27 Finnish Army rifle.
Chapter VIII: M28 Finnish Civil Guard rifle.
Chapter IX: M28/30 Civil Guard rifle.
Chapter X: M39 Finnish military rifle.
Chapter XI: M1891 1940's Production
Chapter XII: M91/30 Tikka rifles
Chapter XIII: Foreign rifles used by Finland
Chapter XIV: Finn sniper rifles 1928-1985
Chapter XV: Glossary of Finn and Russian proofmarks
Chapter XVI: Other Finn arms developments
Chapter XVII: Bayonets in Finnish service 1918-44
Chapter XVIII: Military ammunition for the 7.62x53R
Chapter XIX: Reloading for the 7.62x53R
Chapter XX: Field stripping Finnish rifles
Chapter XXI: Loading and operating Finn military rifles
Chapter XXII: Use of the sling for Finn military rifles
Chapter XXIII: Position shooting Moisin Nagant and SVT rifles
Chapter XXIV: Practical shooting information for Finn military rifles
Chapter XXV: The Winter War
Chapter XXVI: The Continuation War
Appendix: full of information pertaining to Finnish rifles.
Complete Index.

243 pages soft bound

"Neutrality through Marksmanship", by Doug Bowser
a collector's and shooter's guide to Swedish Military rifles.

The following subjects covered in the text:
Remington Rolling Block rifles 1867-1889.
Model 1894 Carbine.
Model 1896 Infantry Rifle.
Model 1896/38 Carbine.
Model 1938 carbine.
Model 1939 K98k Carbine.
Model 1940 K98k Carbine.
Model 1941 41B Sharpshooting rifles.
AG 42B Ljungman rifle.
Model 1963 Mauser target rifle and accessories.
Swedish bayonets 1867- 1915.
Glossary of Swedish Military markings.
Field stripping the Swedish Mauser and AG42B rifles.
Loading and operating the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser and AG42B rifles.
Use of the sling.
Position shooting with the Swedish Mauser and AG42b rifles.
Reloading the 6.5X55 Swedish Mauser cartridge.
Practical shooting information for 6.5x55 Swedish Army rifles.

176 pages spiral bound

"Pocket Book of German WW2 Manufacturing Codes" Edited by Doug Bowser

3.5"X5.5" pocket sized book with 460 common codes used on the following items: Small Arms, Edged Weapons, sub-contractors, ammunition, pyrotechnics, clips, leather goods and optical goods.

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Welcome aboard Doug, we look forward to hearing your input on the gun culture! Stop by often!