View Full Version : Florida CCW w/ Calif. Handgun Safety Cert for qualification?

12-20-2008, 2:43 PM
After using the search button here at Calguns, I could not find a definitive answer on this topic.
Nevertheless; from my reading of Florida's application process, I think that, maybe, the California Handgun Certificate (that is required for a handgun purchase here in our lovely State) should suffice as the requirement for proof of firearms training, as required by the Florida application for a CCW permit.
Am I wrong?

12-20-2008, 2:56 PM
I'm not sure, but I hope so; the HSC certainly is not a record of training of any kind.

Florida statutes say (h) Demonstrates competence with a firearm by any one of the following:

1. Completion of any hunter education or hunter safety course approved by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or a similar agency of another state;

2. Completion of any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course;

3. Completion of any firearms safety or training course or class available to the general public offered by a law enforcement, junior college, college, or private or public institution or organization or firearms training school, utilizing instructors certified by the National Rifle Association, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services;

4. Completion of any law enforcement firearms safety or training course or class offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of law enforcement or security enforcement;

5. Presents evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competition or military service;

6. Is licensed or has been licensed to carry a firearm in this state or a county or municipality of this state, unless such license has been revoked for cause; or

7. Completion of any firearms training or safety course or class conducted by a state-certified or National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor;

A photocopy of a certificate of completion of any of the courses or classes; or an affidavit from the instructor, school, club, organization, or group that conducted or taught said course or class attesting to the completion of the course or class by the applicant; or a copy of any document which shows completion of the course or class or evidences participation in firearms competition shall constitute evidence of qualification under this paragraph; any person who conducts a course pursuant to subparagraph 2., subparagraph 3., or subparagraph 7., or who, as an instructor, attests to the completion of such courses, must maintain records certifying that he or she observed the student safely handle and discharge the firearm; I think that very last bit excludes even the most generous interpretation of the HSC.

12-20-2008, 3:01 PM
There was a kerfuffle in Florida that certain training classes had not live fire. It's not clearly a requirement but I would say that it's an expectation for their licensing authority. Since the HSC certainly doesn't have that, I think it will be rejected.

Florida has been SLOW getting my FL back to me.


12-20-2008, 3:21 PM
Presents evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competition or military service
Hmmm, my CMP purchase required a live fire 100 yard qualification that was signed off on. So, I'll move onto that.
Unless, the words "equivalent experience with a firearm" means handguns, not long guns.

12-20-2008, 4:12 PM
Just do the hunter safety course. It teaches a lot of stuff that gets left out of other type classes and it's cheap and easy to find.

12-20-2008, 4:29 PM
Yeah, you are probably right, yellowfin2.
That course is offered through a member of my local club.
I'll try to contact him.
Thanks for the feedback, all.

Ruperto Elpusan
12-20-2008, 11:12 PM
Hunter safety is common and inexpensive. Also there are a lot of NRA courses being offered that would work, too.

12-21-2008, 7:11 PM
I took Hunter Safety for mine. $20 class, quick and easy.