View Full Version : Santa Barbara AK build HELP

12-16-2008, 1:43 PM
I've tried all I can with this thing! I am in need of the help of someone with some experience. Anyone in SB willing to help me out....not for free!!! I am more than willing to compensate for your time and knowledge!!!

I am still experiencing a jamming issue with my AK build...I have spent soooo much time and $$$ on this thing I'm just about ready to send it to the incinerator!!!! I REALLY want this rifle to work again!!!


12-16-2008, 3:37 PM
Got any pics of the problem? If you can give a description of what's going on I could probably diagnose the problem for you. Don't know if I'll necessarily be able to fix it though. Who built this gun, and what sort of receiver was used? What type of ammo are you using?

I'd help you out in person but I'm on winter break and won't be back in SB until Jan 4-5 I think.