View Full Version : WTS/WTT S&W 22a SOLD

12-15-2008, 9:02 PM
SOLDWTS 22A $125 bucks. Have original box and not so original cable lock. 2 mags. The slide stop is sheared though and I'm too lazy to send it in to Smith and have them repair it and I'm too lazy and busy to drive down to the gun grab. Hell, small investment for future gun grab and make $75 bucks down the road. errrr. Well $50 bucks because of the PPT but hey, if your going down there anyways ;)
Other than that, last time I fired it, it functioned fine. You could turn around and send it to Smith and have them repair it if you want the slide stop functional.
I will only do the PPT at Centerfire in Riverside, Turners in Corona (I know for a fact that they do PPTs ;) ), and Annies in Corona.
Buyers pay ppt fees.





12-16-2008, 2:12 PM
Will probably trade also. Trading is much more fun. Especially...
A lined leather holster for a 4" N frame (was probably going to use the $100 for that anyways)
Some AK-74 rebuild kits
Something useful
Something interesting (not interested in rubber bands or tin foil at this time)

12-16-2008, 5:32 PM
PM sent

12-16-2008, 6:46 PM
pm sent

12-16-2008, 6:48 PM
I will take it if above member does not.