View Full Version : Remington 597 accessories

12-14-2008, 9:48 PM
OK, so I bought myself a 597 because I just couldnt resist $180 and change out the door :p I already have a pimptastic 10-22 so I thought this would be fun.

Goal of this rifle is lighter than a feather, and FAST! So...with that in mind i come to you guys for advice.

1. Volq hammer is a no brainer, probably do the volq extractor as well jsut because.
2. Barrel - I want LIGHT. Carbon fiber most likely. Seems like there are not very many places to get them, so I was curious if anyone has a line on the best prices. Really dont wann spend $400 on a abrrel for a $150 gun :rolleyes:
3. Stock - Pretty set on a Boyds Evolution, but I am wondering if you guys know of a lighter one with similar styling?