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12-13-2008, 8:22 PM
I am having an AK pistol shipped to my FFL. There has been a lot of info about AR pistols, but not so much about AK pistols.

The configuration I have read about here before was:
1. a locked magazine
2. a magazine pinned to one round
3. the gas piston removed and gas port blocked.

This is to have the single shot exemption.

My FFL says he has no problem with this.

I may need to educate my FFL further on this though, because the thought seems to be that with the mag pinned to 1-rd, and locked, it is a single shot and does not need the piston removed at all. This makes perfect sense to me because you still have to reload after each and every shot whether the bolt is blown back or not.

So my question is, is there a reference to some code or something I can use to argue this?

12-13-2008, 8:25 PM
The magazine needs to be a zero-round magazine, commonly called a SLED. If it can hold a round in it while the bolt is closed, then it could be a two-shot firearm.

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12-14-2008, 5:32 PM
All the answers to your questions are here thanks to Hoffmang: