View Full Version : New here, new 10/22 build, need advice.

12-12-2008, 12:04 PM
Whats going on guys, seems like I found a great forum that I recently joined and would like to share my new Ruger 10/22 build. I picked her up the other day and while in the 10 day waiting period I decided to order some tactical look mods.

- Green Mountain 16" Blue Fluted Bull Barrel
- R.B. Precision Evolution 10-22 Stock with 11.5" scout rail
- UTG Collapsible 6 Position Carbine Stock

I still need a vertical forward grip, some kind of sights since the gun will not have any use of iron sights with the stock and the long top rail, and possibly some internal upgrades like power custom hammer, quick mag release, etc..

This is what the stock looks like


with the longer rail


and this is the look that I'm somewhat going for


I'm coming from shooting high caliber rifles and handguns to a fun little .22, need some advice on what else to get for it. I was thinking a red dot sight with some sort of flip up rear and front sights to go along with. If any of you have an inexpensive but productive red dot sight or scope, let me know what brand and some pros and cons. I can't wait to get this gun all put together and go shoot a few hundred rounds through since my mosin nagant isn't very practical to put a 500 rounds through in one sitting. Also I'll be picking up hogue pistol grip and need a forward vertical grip to go along with similar finish rubbery material. Let's see some of yours and keep in mind this stock accepts most ar15 addons.