View Full Version : P229 Scorpion, San Fernando Valley, No Shipping

08-16-2017, 11:05 AM
Make: Sig Sauer

Model: P226 Elite Scorpion

Caliber: 9mm

Location: San Fernando Valley

Price: $900

[b]Will ship (Y/N): Nope.

I've had it for a few years, but I don't shoot it that often, nor that well. The gun has probably around 500 rounds through it. I don't keep exact round counts :25:.

The loaded chamber indicator was modified, by me, so it does not function as intended, but it also no longer prevents breech loading. Makes it a little more like a Pre-Kalifornia Sig:). Check the pics for details.

Also comes with 4 mags and a holster, hence the price.

Here's my logic on the price:

Gun (new) ~$1200-Depreciation~$400=$800

Used $800+4 mags~$120+Holster~Free= $900 Total

Only thing I'd be willing to trade is a 3D printer + cash.

PPT at Turner's Reseda or Pasadena, Oak Tree Gun Club (NewHall) Greta's (or any in Simi Valley), Target Range (Van Nuys), or any of the Burbank stores.

If you want any detail pics, let me know.

Pics here https://m.imgur.com/a/f1fHX

08-21-2017, 6:15 PM

08-22-2017, 12:55 AM
Sold, pending arrangements

08-22-2017, 6:08 AM
I'll take it per PMs.

08-23-2017, 7:54 PM
I would've bought this a week ago had it not said 229 at the top and I just skipped it, if the sale falls through text me 805-791-5370