View Full Version : Airports Near Ft. Benning

12-07-2008, 6:17 PM
My step son may go visit a friend at Ft. Benning. What's the closest airport he could fly into?


12-07-2008, 6:22 PM
Columbus airport.
Ft Benning is technically in Columbus Georgia
He will have to fly to Atlanta then catch a shuttle flight to Columbus airport (its a very TINY airport)

12-07-2008, 6:50 PM
atlanta, columbus has a tiny airport i thinks it regional. i graduated basic in FEB 08 and my dad came to visit me for family day and graduation and he flew into atlanta and rented a car and drove to columbus.

12-07-2008, 10:52 PM
He could also fly into Birmingham. Not as easy as flying into Hartsfield though.

Either way he'd have to either rent a car or catch the shuttle and have his buddy pick him up.

I used to live Northeast of Atlanta, but I went down there quite a bit. They ought to head over to Opelika/Auburn and rip it up... :-)

Assuming they're of age that is!

Casual Observer
12-09-2008, 10:48 AM
The easiest (though not cheapest) route would be to fly to Atlanta, rent a car and drive to Benning. It's about a 2 hour drive that's mostly "green" and a bit boring. There's one big truck stop (and I mean big) about halfway in between, but not much else.

Also, if your son is < 25. a rental car will be expensive as hell because they charge younger drivers more insurance.

Tell him to go to Ranger Joe's while he's in Columbus. There's also a Hooters off of exit 10 near the mall ;)