View Full Version : OC Gun Show Nov 29 (but not 30th)

11-30-2008, 9:29 AM
Well our first gun show was fairly hectic - I've never seen so many people lined up to get into a gun show. We had a handful of uppers, LPKs, Magpul stocks, and AR Raddlocks and they all went pretty quickly. We left with only a couple uppers that didn't sell - an LWRC and a Daniel Defense SPR. Since we allocated a number of LPKs and uppers to fill our web orders we decided not to go back to the show today (Sunday, 30th). If anybody is going today to look for us we apologize. Truth is we pretty much sold all the items we had allocated for the show on Saturday and our bread and butter is web orders anyway so we didn't want to completely deplete our stock. Later when the industry settles down (if) and we have plenty of inventory we will probably do both days at the show.

We want to thank everybody that bought from us, came by to say hello, or just to check out the Hello Kitty rifle - for those that didn't see it we had it on display and of course all the ladies and kids loved it :D I eventually had to put a "not for sale" tag on it because I kept getting asked "how much?"