View Full Version : Gun Grabbing Video (AUSTRALIA & UK)

11-17-2008, 10:42 PM

Anyone seen this video yet?


11-17-2008, 10:47 PM
"it just couldn't happen..."

"they only had themselves to blame..."

This is the price of complacency.

11-17-2008, 11:07 PM
Wow... Thats a little bit of a wake up call

I'm going to go lay with my guns now ;)

11-17-2008, 11:38 PM
This is quite disturbing.

11-17-2008, 11:53 PM
If only this could be run on national TV so people that support gun bans, etc would realize what is happening.

Then agian, mst would dismiss it and still go down that path.

I hope the huge surge in ownership over the past few weeks fuels a much stronger position for gun owners in this country.

11-18-2008, 12:24 AM
Gun ownership is high enough as it is. Most are just indifferent, like the ones in England and Australia were.

11-18-2008, 1:31 AM
Kinda makes you want to join the NRA....like I just did this morning.

11-18-2008, 4:08 AM
Gun bans?

Miller is no longer the definition of the Second Amendment, Heller is. Maybe now the rulers will look at the real cause of crime rather than taking the easy or "pc" way to stop the crime problem. That is.... if crime control is the real reason to have gun control.:TFH:

Thanks for that vid. I think those two countries have more sheeple per population than the US have. I also believe they have a culture of "just obey what their rulers say" and not question "The Man".

11-18-2008, 7:39 AM
Damn, I had nightmares about this video last night! :38:

The Director
11-18-2008, 7:59 AM
Those countries also don't have gun ownership written into their constitutions.

11-18-2008, 8:00 AM
It's easy to think of other people as sheeple. What they were saying reminds me of what I hear from quite a few people around here though.

For that matter, they also thought that "it just couldn't happen" :)

11-18-2008, 8:19 AM
Those countries also don't have gun ownership written into their constitutions.

Laws by themselves are some ink on some paper. Without the right people standing behind those laws, laws are worthless. They don't have these magical powers which make everyone obey them or not change them.

Our COnstitution is some ink on a piece of paper than means something to some people, and something else to others. That's all it is, really, and as such, it's not safe from an attack.

Electric Factory
11-18-2008, 9:10 AM
I was disturbed alright, disturbed by that horrific rhinestone encrusted Sig @ 2:09 of the video !
Surely some laws were broken there...

11-18-2008, 9:16 AM
You noticed that one too? Disgusting :)

Sam .223
11-18-2008, 3:33 PM
why don't politicians get the fact that criminals are criminals and they are going to get guns banned or not. to quote the "great one" they took an ax to a problem that requires a scalpul. maybe they need a task force whos sole purpose is to go after these violent offenders, oh wait thats suppose be the police, guess they just waist their money having those guys around but on the bright side now that guns are banned and everything is picture perfect in their society they can get rid of the police because there is no more crime.:rolleyes: this kind of stuff makes me glad we have organizations that look out for us.

11-18-2008, 4:53 PM
Who said they don't get it? They get it, it's just that it doesn't fit their agenda.

11-18-2008, 4:59 PM
I've seen this video multiple times and it gets to me each time.

Thankfully, we have something written into law which at least makes it easier to defend, and we clearly have more powerful gun rights groups here.

We're less complacent, I would hope.

Steve O
11-18-2008, 8:31 PM
when did this happen?

Pred Thumper
11-19-2008, 8:20 PM
you think some of them would have just told to come over to the house .. and pick them up :43: