View Full Version : SOLD - Dillon XL 650 with extras - FTF Irvine

11-17-2008, 8:48 PM

Wanted to sell, no trades, FTF in Irvine, no shipping on this. I want to keep it as a package deal so I don't want to break it up. Price from everything from Dillon is over $1,450.00 plus additional shipping.

Dillon XL 650 loaded less than 1,000 or so rounds. Perfect condition and comes with the following extras.

Dillon LX 650
Dillon Strong Mount
Dillon Press Cover
Dillon Electric Case Feeder
Dillon Case Feed Plate
Dillon 45 ACP Carbide Dies
Dillon Extra 650 Tool Head
Dillon Tool Head Stand
Dillon Extra Powder Measure
Dillon Primer Flipper
Dillon D-Terminator Scale 1200/75g
Dillon Media Case Separator
Dillon CV-500 Case Cleaner
Dillon 45 ACP Case Gauge
Dillon Rapid Finish 290 Case Cleaner 3+ Bottles
Dillon Low Powder Charge Indicator
Dillon Corn Cob Media Partial Box
Lyman 47th New Edition Reloading Handbook

$950.00 FTF in Irvine. Sorry, no pics, but immaculate condition.

11-18-2008, 5:44 AM
Im surprised no one from the night crew has snatched this up!

I was wanting to pick up a 650, but your add comes at a bad time for me LOL.

The lifetime warranty is xferable to new owners correct?

11-18-2008, 6:11 AM
you could buy it in pieces at a garage sale and Dillon would honor the warranty

11-18-2008, 7:22 AM
does it come different calibers? thanks

11-18-2008, 4:35 PM
I'll take it.