View Full Version : WTS USGI .50 BMG and M855 ammo

11-17-2008, 6:33 PM
FS. Hate to sell it but have other issues. Already sold my .50 cal. 500 rds of 05 & 06 USGI LC .50 BMG M-33 ball ammo on M-9links. Not reloads but new GI. $350.00 per 100 Rd can

Also have some cans of USGI 05 LC M855 Green Tip in the original 10 Rd strippers clips, and in the Original GI BANDOLEERS. Still in the issued 840 cans.
$450. per can. Pefect for when "TSHTF" you can grab and go.

I am in the So. Cal, I.E. area. Cash only and FTF. No shipping. will meet eastern LACO area for quanity buy. Best contact personal E mail. gunner3360@yahoo.com