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11-16-2008, 11:29 AM
Hello guys got a couple things for sale here. All are new in package unless noted. Location: Southern California
-STX tactical with sls mechanism, safari land. I have a brand new drop leg holster that fit the Sig series pistols in:P220/220R/220ST,P226/226R with and without full size hammer, and light rails. These go for $140 and up. Asking $130 Shipped
-LMT SOPMOD Stock only in Black. New in package with instructions. Milspec buffer tube kit required. SPF
-Tangodown forward grip and rail cover package.$110 shipped OBO Will not part out.
This package includes one FDE full length ladder style cover, one 6" FDE non ladder style cover, one 6" FDE rail cover with the pressure switch pocket, one FDE forward grip with pressure switch pocket. See pictures. Sealed package. The part number for the 6" FDE rail cover+ pressure switch pocket is BP-4S. Retails for about $25
The part number for the 6" FDE rail cover is BP-4. Retails for about $15
The part number for the Forward grip is BGV-ITI. Retails for $65
The FDE ladder cover retails for $12.
-Sig Sauer P229 Mags. Hi Cap Re-build kits. CAN ONLY BE USED TO RE_BUILD YOUR EXISTING PRE_BAN MAGS!!! WILL NOT SELL TO YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE PRE BANS These are the zipper backed ones, marked with the Sig logo and the 13 rnd count holes are numbered out back. Comes with mag body, follower, floor plate, and spring. Asking $40 shipped each.
-Fletch high ride belt holster for the sig P226- Part number: FL248B Right handed, in black. Says it will also fit the Browning BDA .45, and the Sig P220. Retails for $60+. Asking $50 shipped
-AR15 30 rnd body, re-build/repair kits. Have only a few, but I dont need them anymore. All new but has scratches from being stored together. Same as GI issue, but for repairing your existing damaged components. Ships with one magazine body, one spring, and a baggie containing a follower and the floor plate. TAKIN OFF THE MARKET ****THESE ARE RE-BUILD KITS ONLY FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE PRE-BAN MAGAZINES. PLEASE FOLLOW CALIFORNIA LAWS!! I WILL NOT SELL TO INDIVIDUALS WHO DO NOT POSSES PRE-BAN MAGS. REPAIR KITS ARE LEGAL IN CA. AS LONG AS YOU ARE REPAIRING AN EXISTING PRE_BAN MAGAZINE OR MAGAZINE COMPONENTS. WILL COME WITH A DISCLAIMER****

11-16-2008, 11:31 AM
For some reason, there is no option to add pictures on here. Did something change?? well as soon as I figure it out, I will post pictures. For now, I can email pictures to you. Just ask me which ones you want. I do accept trades, just let me know what you have, and I will decide. All prices are your best offer, so dont hesitate to ask. Thanks! -Johnny

Okay, this is my photo bucket pictures. Click on link below, and you should be able to scroll through all the photos of what is listed for sale. Thanks.

11-17-2008, 7:18 PM
BTT still cant pictures to work:mad: Oh well....:)