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11-15-2008, 2:23 PM
It’s a shame that it took the real possibility…followed by the eventual reality…of a clear and present danger to our gun rights being elected to our highest office to get me to pull my head out of the sand.

I have always been, without question or doubt, a true believer of the second amendment and everyone’s right to protect themselves, to hunt, compete, etc. with a firearm. Over the years I have made it a point to share my beliefs with anyone who would listen, educate those that were misinformed and even take time from my busy personal life to teach others how to shoot. Yeah, I felt like I was doing my part to further this all important issue….one of the most important, if not THE most important issue we have today.

Well, then reality hits. In light of recent events and revelations, exactly how do I rate myself when it comes to doing my part to help protect this important right? Oh, about a C-. Why is that? Hmmm, let’s see…have I done a bit more then some who just sit around complaining about how their gun rights being violated but do nothing about it while the anti-gun people chip away at things? Sure I have. Could I have done or could I do more? Damn Skippy! Duh!

So, I have thought long and hard about this over the last couple of months and have come to some very important conclusions. Not everyone will agree with everything I have to say, but “I hold these truths to be self evident” applies here.

Most of us, myself included, are not doing enough. Sitting around and pissin' and moaning about how the bad anti-gunners are taking away our given rights yada yada yada will change nothing! Quit whining and get off your lazy ***!

What I have done recently to further our shared goal?

I voted –

The idea that your vote doesn’t make a difference is just plain stupid. Do you think that all those people that never voted before in their entire lives but did this time around to get Obama elected are thinking that right about now? Did you know that if one person in each district had not voted, John F Kennedy would not have been elected? Are you that lazy that you cant take a few minutes every couple of years and put in your 32 cents worth?

I Joined the NRA –

Let’s face it; it is the biggest group available that is fighting for our gun rights. What is it, 3.5 million members? Is there some leverage with this kind of membership? Yes. Does the NRA always go about things exactly like we think they should? No. Just like some of those guys we elect to political office, they can really piss us off at times i'm sure. But the reality is, it’s the biggest game in town. What other group other then the NRA has the resources to fight this battle on a national level? Those law makers that don’t play ball can find themselves un-elected as a direct result of NRA involvement. If the law makers are not smart enough to see the common sense reasoning behind our gun rights, then the fear of losing office is an acceptable 2nd choice for me.

What other group has promoted gun safety and education, etc. on the scale that the NRA does? None that come to mind. Safety and education is very important considering that most anti gun people are not bad or stupid or unreasonable people, they are just poorly informed and uneducated on this subject. Safety is also important for obvious reasons.

And just to point out the obvious here, the fact that the NRA endorsed McCain only shows us that they are playing the same game on the same field as the law makers, anti gun advocates and everyone else who has any influence. I have read recently where people are pissed off that the NRA endorsed McCain because McCain doesn’t have a good track record on gun rights, yada yada. But is there anyone out there who puts McCain’s less then stellar track record in the same universe as Obama’s? Would you be as afraid of the political climate if McCain was in office as you are right now with Obama at the helm? I think not. The reality of the 2 party system we have is that if you don’t pick one, you pick the other by default. Common sense should prevail here.

I am researching other pro gun groups –

If these groups are pro gun, and don’t spend most of their time in knocking other pro gun groups, I am joining them too. Every bit helps. Although they all may do things in a different manner, don’t they all have the same basic goals, more or less? If they spend their time knocking the NRA or any other pro gun group that they don’t agree with, then they are wasting everyone’s time. ( Incidentally, I will not be joining the American Hunters & Shooters Association, who endorsed Obama and is really not a pro gun group at all!)

Obtain a CCW permit –

If your like me and from CA or any other state that is not a “shall issue” state, then get a non resident CCW permit from a state that is a “shall issue”. I now have a Nevada CCW permit and have a Utah one on its way. Even if you rarely go out of state or don’t think you have the need for one, getting one helps in many ways.

The more people with these permits adds lends credibility to our position that guns in the hands of non criminal or “law abiding” persons is not and has never been the problem with gun violence. An example would be that the state of Florida has issued about 1.5 million permits to date. Out of those 1.5 million permits, they have only had to revoke 167 of them! Incredibly low amount considering that the opponents said there will be “Blood in the streets” with all of those people carrying guns! And the ones revoked were not necessarily for gun related issues, since you can lose one for things such as drunk driving, getting your licensed suspended, etc. That means that almost all of the permit holders stay out of trouble all the way around. And note, there are certified trainers for these “Shall Issue” CCW states that are right here in CA.

Sign up for more firearms training and practice–

How far does it go in convincing a person that average folks should be allowed to own or protect themselves with a firearms when you have demonstratable safety and handling skills? How hard is it to argue the point that we should not have to take a safety test when buying a gun in CA when a great deal of people I see handling firearms do it in an unsafe manor. Add the fact that a large number of people cant hit squat when shooting. Then there are those that can target practice ok, but would not be able to effectively save themselves or their loved ones in a high stress, life or death situation. All of the needed knowledge is out there, you just need to go get it!

Sign up for instructor training –

I have done this and will be obtaining the knowledge I need to properly train others. Sure, I have trained many and I think I am more then competent, but certification lends credibility which gives validation to those that need it. And when I do obtain certification, I will donate as much of my time as I can to teaching others all about firearms. I may put an ad in the paper and offer free firearms training once or twice a month at the local range. Whatever it takes. Every person we can educate or help them see the light is one less person we have fight.

Educate yourself then educate others –

I have read and digested volumes of information recently and still have so much more to go. How can you educate others or argue a point if you don’t really know what your talking about? Know the facts as much as you are able and share them.

Ok, i’m almost done…for now. We gun owners, enthusiasts and hunters are in a tough spot with the recent election because of the “possibility” that we are going to get screwed by Obama and crew. Maybe we will get slammed with new bans and restrictions right out of the gate or maybe they will be so busy trying to fix the economy that they wont have the time. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we are at risk and should all step up our game just in case. If we cant get our lazy asses motivated to take some positive action and are content to just ***** about how we are losing this and losing that, then who’s fault will it be when we lose? The anti-gunners who are motivated to fight for what they believe, how ever misguided we think they are, or, those that did little or nothing to put a stop to it? That’s an easy answer and we all know it. Remember, its far easier to defend something we have then something we have lost…in other words, with the exception of the Assault weapons ban with the sunset clause, once we lose something we don’t get it back….don’t wait until its too late to defend this freedom…..

Joe / New member