View Full Version : Newby buying or building and storing it in a different state

11-03-2008, 3:23 PM
So I want to build or buy an AR-15 after I've learned a bit more about it, but obviously as a full auto would be illegal in CA. Seeing how I'm soon to become an OR resident, I would like to know if I can buy or build one as a CA resident, and store it in OR in a safe location?

Erik; learning.

11-03-2008, 6:30 PM
You cannot build new full autos in any state.

The cutoff was in May 1986 - you'd have to move to an NFA-friendly state (like OR), and acquire a transferable pre-May '86 M16 receiver or gun. These run $12K or more.

There are also registered transferable "lightning link" devices to legally convert AR15s to FA: these devices are considered transferable machineguns, were subject to the May 86 cutoff, and cost a big sum of cash as well.

11-03-2008, 6:59 PM
The last time I looked into this there are basically five different ways you can get a full-auto AR/M16:

ALL have to be pre-may '86 registered. And you have to live in an NFA-friendly state. You mentioned Oregon; it's an NFA-friendly state.

1.) M16 lower
2.) Converted AR15 lower
3.) Registered lightning link (LL)
4.) Registered drop-in auto sear (DIAS)
5.) AR15 "registered receiver" with an unregistered LL, or unregistered DIAS

#1 and #2 are essentially identical. But they are there to demonstrate that there are real, registered, factory M16 lowers out there and there are also lots of AR15 lowers that were later converted.

#5 is a weird case. There were lots of people that registered their AR15 receivers (normal, semi-auto, AR receivers) as NFA machineguns prior to the May '86 cutoff. To go full-auto with one of these receivers you have to use a DIAS or LL, but since the receiver has been registered the DIAS or LL themselves don't actually have to be registered NFA devices. It's a weird little gray area.. ish..

#3 and #4 are the cheapest routes, since they can be applied to a normal factory AR15 without any permanent modifications. The nice thing about this option, is that you can use them with ANY AR you own. 9mm, .223, etc, etc.