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11-01-2008, 8:08 AM
Is this stupid thing ever going to come out or did I just waist my money buying this on a hope and prayer.

I am utterly tired of all the excuses for him.

Anyone else have a release date, because I purchased this stupid paper weight with the intent by serbu that it would be ready a couple of years ago now.

11-01-2008, 8:37 AM
Maybe you can get some info here?

11-01-2008, 8:57 AM
Been there, read it, called. Just a bunch of bs saying I cant work on it, i have to do this instead of this. Blah Blah. Is this guy full of it, or just incompetent. Bill Richie has managed to design and develop and market a 50 semi in a shorter period of time.

Did Mark just screw all californians over to get us to buy our receivers before the ban for a cash influx and not care. Well that is beginning to be what it looks like.

11-01-2008, 10:56 AM
Mark Serbu has an awful habit of underestimating his due dates.

I'm certain that he is not trying, nor will, "screw" you over this. He is an honorable man and delivers on promises, though they take quite a bit of time.

11-01-2008, 11:01 AM
Welcome to the world of 50s! It's been my experience that EVERYTHING in the realm of 50s takes longer than expected. I waited two years for my ALS upper and then settled for a RH one instead of the LH one I originally wanted. It was worth the wait and I had my AR50 to shoot in the mean time. Of course, now that I have the upper, I have no complaints. I've seen people wait 6 months to a year for good brass, powder, primers and even bullets. Serbu has a good customer service reputation but sometimes R&D takes longer than expected.

50 Shooter
11-03-2008, 9:03 AM
First off Bill Ritchie didn't design squat! His semi .50 is a copy of the Pauza .50 that's been around for probably 20+ years. As far as I know, there are no EDM semi's on the market either.

Mark is a perfectionist and will not let one rifle out unless he knows it's going to work 100%. You can still have your napkin ring turned into a BFG if you want a .50. So technically he didn't screw anyone, what he did was give you a chance to still own a .50 BMG rifle.

Yes, I know the wait is freakin' killing everyone that wants his semi. I can tell you this, when it does hit the market it will more then likely be the best semi on the market. The Barrett suffers in the accuracy dept. and the Pauza has always had feeding/ammo issue.

Toolbox X
11-03-2008, 9:49 AM
The sad fact is research and development ALWAYS takes MUCH longer than anticipated. Always. Every time.
If something is a year off, plan on 3 or 4.
If something is a month off, plan on 6-12 months.
If something is a week away, plan on 2-3 months.

That's just the way it is. Designing stuff is HARD!!! It is painful and zero fun figuring out the EXACT specs of a piece of metal, and ensuring it will do exactly what is is supposed to do every time under every circumstance. Development and testing takes a LONG time. And the whole while everyone who knows about the project complains and calls and gets mad. And if you hurry up to make those people happy, the product suffers and everyone then gets mad that the product isn't better wasn't tested properly.

That's why I have worked hard to not announce products until they are ready to be sold. Of course there are risks associated with doing that too, but for me and my situation is has made the most sense.

If you are going to get into the waiting game boat, plan to be floating around for a long long time, and you will hopefully be less angry when release dates fall through.


11-03-2008, 1:25 PM
so there are quite a few of us with the same paperweights huh? i don't mind the wait though. maybe by the time he's done with it, i'll be able to afford the finish a serbu .50. :) and the other two .50 projects awaiting completion. :o

11-03-2008, 6:53 PM
Serbu Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. He will never see any of my money again.
I bought the whole rifle money up front. Sure I received my rifle and Eleven months later to get the bipod that was supposed to come with it. His story was he was trying to get as many receivers out as he can to Californians. Mark shouldn't sell rifles he don't have the parts for if he is selling whole rifles.

11-04-2008, 8:15 AM
I wouldn't mine waiting, but the MSRP has gone up from $5000 to the current $6700 through no fault of our own. I'm just wondering what the final cost will be when it becomes available.

hawaii five-0
11-04-2008, 3:09 PM
As stated earlier,Mark hasn't ripped you off.The universal recievers weren't sold as semi automatic recievers.They were sold to give people who didn't react to the changing gun laws quick enough a chance to register a BMG rifle in California.The guns couldn't be produced fast enough to keep up with demand.By selling the recievers,Mark did you a favor by allowing you the chance to own a BMG.Mark wants to help California gun owners.This is also the reason he chambers the 50DTC round.Another favor Mark did for you was to have the forsight to call it a universal reciever and give you the chance to buy a semi auto when and if it is released.If Mark were a scammer,you would have the less than perfect semi in your possesion right now,and we would be reading about how he should have waited to perfect it.If you cant wait to get your rifle,then order the BFG-50.Or you can keep the universal reciever in hopes of the semi and order a 50DTC to satisfy you until it is ready.

50 Freak
11-04-2008, 3:22 PM
Personally, having owned a BFG-50 and am current owner of a UltraMag-50 and the BFG-napkin ring receiver. I can wait for Mark. He's man of his word, although, he sucks at time estimations.

I was one of the first 30 BFG-50 owners and I waited 2 years for that. I can wait a long time for the BFG-50A. Way I see it, I have about 800 rounds I hoarded and can shoot my UltraMag-50 while I save money for the BFG-50A.

11-04-2008, 4:32 PM
Had to wait for my Ferret 50.

Had to wait for my Viper from Bluegrass.

Have a friend that has been waiting 8 months now for an upper in 50DTC.

11-04-2008, 4:45 PM
Due o the raising costs of ammo, my 50A napkin ring became a 50 HB. Not to mention the wait.

11-04-2008, 7:04 PM
Well like they used to say over at Biggerhammer while waiting for the Original Serbu .50's

"two weeks"

I used to own BFG #0084 but sold it before the ban, I couldnt resist the price I was offered. I now own a registered napkin ring ;)

Marks a great guy, hang in there.

11-04-2008, 8:17 PM
Its an issue of a mans integrity. When I spoke with him he tole me it would be around 5000 bucks for one, and it would be ready in about a year.

What would you do if I told you that about your motor I was building for your and now its years later and he doesn't have the sack to make good on it. I bought that stupid paper holder on his word which is obviously crap. If a man cant keep his word, how good is that man?

You are as good as your word.

hawaii five-0
11-05-2008, 7:43 AM
I had to wait 6 months just to get reloading dies for the 50.A new barrel took 6 months as well.These are things that weren't even in the development stage.The gun is not ready.Not for you,not for the military,not for anybody.I'm sure Mark is doing everything in his power to get the semi out not just for the military demand,but before president elect Hussein bans them at a federal level as well.He has alot more to loose by not getting them out before that happens than you can imagine,I'm sure.Keep bugging Mark,and he will keep telling you two weeks.If you want to get your "wasted money" back,have the reciever made into a California legal 50 DTC and sell it.