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01-08-2017, 7:53 PM
I have been collecting brass for a long time thinking I am one day going to get into an expensive hobby of reloading.

Unfortunately---I still work and work long frustrating hours. To brain dead to take on something that requires a lot of thought process.

That said---I have a full five gallon pail---(and anonth 1/4) of once fired 45. , 3/4 pail of 9mm and 380 mixed, half a pail of 10mm, about 400 rnds of 44-40al least 500 rounds of 44 mag, and large zip locks of 223, 308.

I'd really like to get my 44 mag and 44-40 reloaded. Cherry on top would be some 10MM.

I'd like to trade all the rest of this brass to someone who can help me reloading the 44mag and 44-40.

If there is someone out there who needs brass and can help me I'd appreciate it.

Please email me direct as I am not on here everyday.

Thanks in advance,

01-08-2017, 8:28 PM
location would be nice.

01-08-2017, 8:30 PM
You sir are not too bright posting your e-mail address in a public forum on the INTERNET...

Put your **** away and go buy a BOOK first. Otherwise you are not serious about wanting to learn a quality job.

I recco BoLee latest edition. (Modern Reloading revised for 2016) or the Lyman 50th (or 49th)...

THEN maybe you can come back here and ask such foolish things...

I will NOT e-mail you. Yet, but I will pm you a link to this thread so that you can get notified that you were given a message...

01-08-2017, 8:44 PM
I'm fairly sure that you can not have some one make loaded ammo for you. Remember you need a 06 FFL to sell ammo. It's a bit vague to a non layer like me (says things like only apply if your going to be making profit) but that begin said don't expect someone to make you ammo even if you give them the components, they return the extra and get no compensation. That being said, I don't know think giving a 'class' where you use someone else's equipment and bring your own components and load it yourself is against anything (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Anyways I would recommend just selling the brass if you don't plan on reloading it.

01-11-2017, 9:12 PM
Areyou talking about the Lee -2nd edition ?

01-11-2017, 11:54 PM