View Full Version : FS 38sp & 357 brass + reloading stuff in SB will ship

10-30-2008, 10:12 PM
Hi guys, Over the last year I have accumulated some reloading stuff and I tried to get into it but with two young kids I just don't haved the time. I would like to offer it to someone here.

This is what I have:

-1 lb Winchester powder, I'll have to go in my shed to get the exact type of powder but I bought it to reload 308 winchester. I'll check the type tomorrow and update this.

-1 box of 140, (I used 10 for weights in my pinewood derby car!), Speer 150 gr. spitzer bullets

-2 small packs of primers for 308 win. Don't know the type but one is magnum and the other is regular.

-311 ea, 38 sp brass, once fired. Mostly Remington,

-90 ea, 357 mag brass, once fired. two brands but I don't remember who,

-1 lee powder funnel, red,

-1 lee auto-prime, new in package unused,

-1 Lee Loader 357 mag, used a few times close to new condition,

-1 357 mag flarring tool, used a couple times, like new,

-1 case trimmer, like new,

-1 357 mag case length gauge, like new,

-1 primer pocket cleaner, like new,

-1 lee powder measure kit with improved slide card, I only removed the .5 scooper and tried it but that's it, otherwide like new,

-1 camo range bag to hold most of this stuff,

I paid over $300 for all this stuff and didn't really use it. I'd be happy to sell everything in one shot for $225 and if you can't pick it up but live in california I will ship it to you for free. If my price is too high or too low please let me know.

The first person who replies to this thread is first in line and so on. That way everybody knows the order. Let's save the PM'ing for exchanging private information.

I'll take a US Postal Money order, cashier's check or cash.

I'd consider trading for a pistol in 22 LR if we can do a PPT. I live in Santa Barbara.