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12-28-2016, 8:19 PM
As to reloading the 6.5 and the 7.7. A friend of mine gave me a loading press in pieces and pretty well stuck. It was her Dad's and he lived in Santa Barbara (near the sea) so it was pretty rusted from salt air. But, some oil and work and it's free and working pretty smoothly.

So I have to get some dies and decapper and all that for each caliber of interest. I'm leaning towards the Lee three die sets since they come with collet neck sizers and since I have a limited number of rifles, I can keep the reloaded ammo separate for each rifle. Once fired cases can be neck sized only to save on working the brass too much ...

I just got a Lyman 55 powder measure on eBay with the box and instructions for cheap enough. So now to start picking the loads of interest? I was thinking IMR 4064, but maybe one of you'all know of a good medium speed ball powder that will work well? I'm all ears and eyes to any input you'all can offer...

12-28-2016, 9:48 PM
4064 is a good general purpose powder for cartridges around that size, but I don't know how much load data is out there. If you can find some AA 2700 or AA 4350 (both available at Powder Valley) there is published load data from Western Powders for both of those cartridges.

eta: I just googled 4064 and arisaka & it looks like there's enough links to at least get you started in the right direction.

12-28-2016, 10:35 PM
I believe the Sierra reload manual has load data for the 6.5 and 7.7 arisaka. I'll double check and report back on that tomorrow. for the 6.5 I use a 140 grain bullet with good results graf & sons is a good source for brass and I purchased my die set through Hornady. On both 6.5 barrels I've had I've seen a good expansion of virgin brass, so once you fire the brass the first time just neck resize the brass thereafter.

lost Bob
12-29-2016, 11:55 AM
Hornady 9th edition shows data with H380, 150 and 174 grain bullets. This is for 7.7 X 58 Japanese.
Extruded powders include IMR #'s 3031, 4064, and 4350.

The same powders are also shown for 6.5 X 50 Japanese, 95- 160 grain bullets.

I've never used H380, but Hodgdon lists it as a "ball" powder.

12-29-2016, 12:46 PM
If you get the lee dies they will come with a sheet that has some load data on it. otherwise the hodgdon website has data for both calibers.


12-30-2016, 5:25 PM
I got some older manuals. They've got recipes which will work for me.

I also have to think about the 22-250... Seems H380 is very well liked for that round.

Not all that much different than the 6.5x50, so looking for a good recipe for the little Arisaka using H380 ... Any thoughts ...