View Full Version : FS: military buttstock cleaning kits (garand, M14, AK & AR) - PICs

10-28-2008, 7:48 PM
i have several extra cleaning kits that i'm selling. all kits fit inside the buttstock trapdoor of the applicable rifle, and all kits are unused. payment by money order. can take paypal if you cover their fees. if interested, please send me a PM.

1. M1 Garand. Price is $25 shipped.


2. M14. can't find the bore brush, otherwise it is complete. you can pick up bore brushes for about a buck at gun shows. price is $29 shipped.


3. AR15. all pieces fit inside the pouch which is the shape of the buttstock cavity. i'm not sure what that tool in the center is but it is for gun cleaning and USGI. price is $21 shipped.


4. AK47. i'm including a new US made magazine follower. the other end of that screwdriver is a front sight adjustment tool. price is $15 shipped.