View Full Version : Where do you shoot most often?

10-27-2008, 1:18 PM
So I was thinking, how often do you ladies go shooting?
Where do you usually go, what kind of shooting do you usually do?
Do you feel welcome as a female?
Stories, thoughts, etc?

movie zombie
10-27-2008, 3:26 PM
i shoot mostly at an indoor range but i do prefer the outdoor range nearest to me and will be going their more frequently.

movie zombie

10-28-2008, 10:25 AM
The indoor pistol range is really close, so I will go after work and on days off. (Firing Line)
I go to a trap range often, try for every other weekend, get a group together. (Triple B Clays)
I would love to be able to go to the desert more often, but as I work on Saturdays, it's not as feasible as I'd like. :(

10-28-2008, 11:26 AM
I try to always shoot downrange.

10-28-2008, 2:14 PM
I try to always shoot downrange.

And do you feel welcome as a female? :p

10-28-2008, 2:27 PM
And do you feel welcome as a female? :p

I grew up in San Francisco............................

10-28-2008, 3:17 PM
Answering for my wife:
April-November: 40% Private Property in the Mountains, 20% Around the House, 40% Outdoor Range
December-March: 95% Outdoor Range, 5% Indoor Range

10-28-2008, 4:52 PM
Never had any problems anywhere.
People had always been nice once they get to know me.
But lots of stares from people is nothing new in or out of a range anyways. People tend to gawk more since they don't often see Gothic Lolitas, especially with big rifles and wasn't dragged to a range by a guy friend.

10-31-2008, 9:22 PM
Depends on what is closest...Indoor ranges when I go after work (to work of some stress) but I like outdoor ranges on the weekends.

I do find the first few times at indoor ranges that most of the guys treat me like I don't know anything. I can understand that they should go over the rules of the range and everything but I've actually had people physically show me how to hold my gun like it is the first time I've ever touch it. Outdoor ranges are better about not doing this. But I do run into the occasional guy who does the "I see a cute girl setting up, let me show her how to shoot because there doesn't seem to be a guy with her which of course means she doesn't know what she is doing" routine. (For pete sake, can't a girl go shooting by herself?) If I have a question about something I will ask. Because of the above I normally go with my husband or a guy friend - it makes everything a little bit easier.

But right now I'm not allowed to go shooting - Doctor's orders...Something about the gun powder (or the lead in it) not being good for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

10-31-2008, 10:44 PM
Answering for my girlfriend - at indoor pistol ranges, as she's yet to learn to shoot rifles. She felt intimidated at first, but then discovered that about a third of the people at the range are usually women, and the people at the range mind their own business, so she doesn't feel either welcome or unwelcome - she just started to mind her own business. Since it involves kissing her boyfriend after every 50 rounds or so, the boyfriend in question doesn't mind it, either.

11-07-2008, 11:12 AM
The best spot for me to shoot indoors is my 10 meter line at home. This where I can run around in a robe and not worry about sloshing through the mud! This is purely .177 practice from my kitchen to the laundry room. Nothing like performing domestics while simulating a live match!

The nicest indoor facility I've had a chance to compete in was at Wolfscreek, GA during the Nationals.

The rest of my time is split between the outdoor pistol range at Coyote Point in San Mateo and the indoor range in Vacaville -- Guns, Fishing, etc.

Annie Oakley
11-07-2008, 9:43 PM
Steyrlp10 does what I do. I learned how to make a cardboard box into a trap to catch BB's and I use a BB gun that looks like a Walther PPK for practice.

It's actually very realistic because the slide moves back each time I fire a round. This also gives me a chance to think up different scenarios for that one time when I may have to react without thinking. So now I know how to react if i'm in any particular place in the house, and I know what I have to deal with in the daylight or at night. I also know what my backyard looks like at night and where all of the possible hiding places are for a criminal to hide. It just seems so strange to do something like this. I would never tell someone who doesn't own a gun that I practice like that, because I think they would commit me for being paranoid or crazy.

When I do practice with my 9mm, I go to an indoor range because the only outdoor range I've heard of is miles away.

11-07-2008, 10:02 PM
Fell in love with trap. . . .but my fiancee keeps telling me we need to shoot longarms at an indoor range just so I can get the feel of it. I'm new at this I'll admit but I'm excited for it!

06-14-2009, 8:23 AM
I shoot at the Chabot Gun Club. I've never had any issues. Most people just are into their own shooting. I do find if my husband isn't with me that other guys talk to me more. :-)

06-14-2009, 8:52 AM
60% of my shooting is at South Bay Rod & Gun, the other 40% is up at Camp Pendleton with Santa Margarita Gun Club.
I don't like shooting at indoor ranges.