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12-18-2016, 11:03 AM
I'm in the process of working up a load for Hornady 150 grain GMX bullets for a Winchester 670 in .30-06 (Springfield). The generic reloading manual (2011 edition) for .30-06 says the range of safe loads for Hornady SSTs is from 49.4 to 60.5 grains, and some folks elsewhere have suggested 59 grains yields best accuracy. Perhaps somewhat unwisely, I decided to start with 57 grains and work up to 59 in .5 grain increments, but I have stopped at 58 grains because at that weight of powder the load is clearly compressed.I've measured my chamber (3.28") and am loading to the recommended COL (3.23")

Hodgdon's web site says 57.8 grains is the max load for Nosler e-tips of the same weight in the .30-06 case with H4350.

I'm planning to call Hornady on Monday to sort this out but I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on this specific combination of case, powder and bullet?

12-18-2016, 1:58 PM
I load 30.06 with H4350 under 150gr HDY FMJ, 175gr HPBT, and 208 A-max. Let me go have a look....

150gr- 55.6gr H4350

175gr- 54.4gr H4350

208gr- 50.0gr H4350

These loads were developed using Hornady brass in a Remington 770 with a chamber length of 3.277 I set the 150fmj's to 3.185 and was able to achieve 1/2 MOA at 200 yards with a 300$ bolt gun. I have a thread around here somewhere. I do not remember ever compressing H4350 in a 30.06 Springfield load.

12-18-2016, 4:38 PM
Hornady 9th edition lists the 150gr GMX col. 3.210...
Hornady case,,, Fed 210 LRP....
H4350 min 49.4gr----- max 60.5gr....
....2500 fps------3000 fps.....
Good idea to call Hornady,, I know Barnes bullets like a good bullet jump and I have had great luck with Barnes and Nosler suggested Col...
Have fun ,, be safe... Cheers...

12-18-2016, 7:39 PM
Thanks for the info Stevec. I've got loads prepared in half grain steps from 55-57 grains and will try those on Tuesday pending a reply from Hornady. The 2011 data I have shows a recommended COL of 3.230 and I might shorten my loads before I head off to the range.

12-18-2016, 7:52 PM
I have found 4350 to be slow in the speed dept over my chrono in the 30-06. The powder is too slow but often gives good accuracy. Just too slow for me for hunting.
Compressed load is NOT a problem. Many loads are compressed loads especially when using a slow powder for a cartridge like the 30-06.
The E-tip cannot be loaded up to the Barnes(TTSX or TSX) or Hornady(GMX) bullets because they do not have the relief grooves in them and get pressure spikes much like the OLD Barnes X-Bullets did.
With the 150gr bullets(except e-tips) you just about cannot stuff enough 4350 into the 30-06 to have pressure problems.
I suggest trying IMR4064/IMR4895/BL-C(2)/Win748/Win760 or H-414(same powders) or contact me and I can get out my test book and send you the info I have.

12-18-2016, 8:26 PM
Probably a good idea to shorten those loads just alittle,, just to start out fresh and by the book ... Barnes also really strongly suggests cleaning all the copper out of your barrel,,, before and after shooting... I have found my ladder tests with barnes and nosler bullets ( I haven't tried hornady gmx) really don't tighten up until within 85% or so of max load.. So don't get discouraged with your "midrange" loads... they need to be tested out anyway... I loaded up from bottom to top with .5 increments,,, and it was a long day at the range,,,, especially with the 300 mag !!!... Cheers..

12-18-2016, 8:37 PM
With the 150gr bullets(except e-tips) you just about cannot stuff enough 4350 into the 30-06 to have pressure problems.
I suggest trying IMR4064/IMR4895/BL-C(2)/Win748/Win760 or H-414(same powders)

For better or worse my abundance of caution stems from the saying among aviators that "There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old bold pilots." The same appears to be true to some extent for reloading. Until I have more experience, I'm gonna take things slow.

I have some IMR4064 on hand I got for loading the .243 and might try that if my .30-06 loads with H4350 don't deliver acceptable speed and accuracy. In fact, if I could find loads using IMR4064 that work in all three of my rifles (.223, .243 and .30-06) I'd be a very happy camper because it would simplify life.

12-18-2016, 10:28 PM
H4350 is one of the best powders for the 243 when using heavy bullets.

12-20-2016, 6:24 PM
Well...I managed to avoid blowing up myself or my new chronograph today. Tried loads from 55 through 57.5 grains in half grain increments shot in order of increasing powder charge. 55 and 57.5 gave the best accuracy at 1.5 inches or less, with the others just over 2 inches, but there's no telling whether it was the load or the way I shot that led to the bigger groups. Four of the six groups were within an inch and a quarter vertically. I suppose I really should do this with a lead sled.

Probably more interesting were the muzzle velocities of 2803, 2816, 2849, 2872, 2891 and 2881. Mine are a shade faster than the Hornady test data although the drop in MV at 57.5 grains is a bit puzzling as is the slope of the muzzle velocity vs. charge curve. The book values indicate about 55 FPS for each additional grain of powder but the actual increase was 35 FPS per additional grain.

The point of impact for all six groups was roughly 2 inches higher compared with Remington 150 grain Core Lokts, which I find odd because the Core Lokts are supposed to shoot at a tad over 2900 FPS.

Next step is to retest loads 57 and 57.5, and add loads at 58, 58.5 and 59 if I can cram that much powder into the cartridge, though I think I could manage with the 57.5 grain load if I had to shoot a deer or elk tomorrow.

Chronograph: Caldwell
Bullet: Hornaday GMX 150
Powder: H4350
Primer: Federal Large Rifle
Case: Remington Factory Ammo
OAL: 3.21 (per Stevec's current Hornady data)
Rifle: Winchester 670 in .30-06

This stuff reminds me of the labs I had to take in college, except this is turning out to be a much deeper rabbit hole.

01-26-2017, 12:10 PM
Hopefully, you've sorted this out now. After loading this cartridge for over 50years and loading the various copper ones since the beginning, I've noticed several things. E-tips will always be slower. Build too much pressure. Like to be loaded 50k to 70k off lands. Barnes tsx and ttsx will work from 20k-50k off lands. Depends on rifle. You can drive them. Best speed and accuracy in 150's seems to be big game at 58. Use a magnum primer. Carefull with this powder. A grain more might lock up the bolt in the hot weather. Right now, I'm running 150 gscustom at 3100 fps. Using h4350 at 60.5grains, magnum primer, lapua case. Powder is trickled slowly in using a LONG drop tube and bullet is .0025 off lands. 1/2" for five. GMX should respond similar with the above powders. One thing about the e-tips, they do open up and not penetrate as far as barnes. Will be trying the new ACP bullets soon, if I can get them.

01-26-2017, 12:33 PM
Hopefully, you've sorted this out now.

Not yet but making progress. I can get almost 2900 FPS with a 57.5 grain load that groups almost well enough. I want to rerun some of the lighter loads that seemed to group well and then keep going up to maybe 59.5. I figure I need at least 2000 FPS at POI and my personal distance limit is under 300 yards so 2900 FPS should be fast enough.

Thanks for checking back.