View Full Version : WTS: VLTOR Rifle Modstock A1 length (Black) - SOLD

10-14-2008, 1:46 PM

I've switched out to a different VLTOR stock so this one can be yours for a song. The stock has been on the weapon for less than 2 months so you're getting "almost new". Everything that shipped with the stock will be included. For you MMG users, you'll have to shave your MMG a tad to get the stock to fit. When I say "a tad", it took me less than a minute with a small hacksaw.

Model# ARM-1S (Black)
(5/8-inch shorter than A2 the model)

Each kit contains two Rifle length Accessory Compartments and Cheek Weld Adapters.

Also includes a QD Sling Swivel and the needed hardware to mount to either the Rifle or Carbine/collapsible Receiver Extension.

The stock:

What it looks like on an MMG rifle:

Asking $90. Prefer FTF in the Bay Area. Will ship for $10 more.

10-14-2008, 3:41 PM
I'll take it....you're robbing me blind.....:P
Bring it to Tac Pistol Match on Saturday please.