View Full Version : SOLD 12 gauge Ammo Federal Birdshot

10-10-2008, 8:09 PM

Want to free up some funds, so would like to sell some 12 gauge ammo I had stashed away.

I have 5 cases of Federal 12 gauge 2 3/4" 7 1/2 shot, 1 oz, 3 1/4 dram, 1290 FPS Game-Shok birdshot for sale.

Each case contains 10 boxes (25 shotshells per box), so there are 250 shotshells per case. The cases are all sealed and unopened.

Turners (where I originally bought it) currently has this same ammo on sale in its weekly flyer for $5.98/box (regular price $6.99/box). So a case would be $64.73 with tax at the sale price ($75.67 at regular price). IIRC Walmart sells this ammo for $6.99/box.

I don't want to break up the cases, so, I will sell each case for $5/box x 10 boxes = $50 per case, FTF (don't wish to ship).