View Full Version : Former 1911 owner looking to getting an XD.45 what can you owners tell me?

10-06-2016, 12:30 PM
I've owned a sub compact rock 1911 for a bit and it was my carry pistol at the time being. I loved the design of the 1911 and the ergo's of it. But the weight and limitations to what could be do to it with out braking the bank left me looking for anther option.

I recently picked up a SC Xd in 9mm, it was the opposite option when I was debating what my first pistol should be. Needless to say... well know I have it. I love everything about the little XD and have shot the .40 cal version as well.

So with all that in mind. I'm looking into getting another .45acp, I have some ammo left over and I feel a bit empty with not having one to be honest. I'm curious about the XD in 45 but want to know how it compares to the 1911 in recoil and I guess over all comfort of the gun being used. I'm the kind of guy who likes to make the very most of his range trips and try to squeeze a few hundred rounds out of each gun when I can.

Obviously that tends to wear your hand out in a short little 3" 1911 but every full size 1911 I've shot have been a pleasure to shoot and can go all day with them. So how does the XD stack up to it?

10-06-2016, 12:43 PM
Its an easy shooter. Really comfortable. If you like a GI 1911 you should have no problem with an XD in 4" (service) or 5" (tactical)

10-06-2016, 12:47 PM
That's really good to know, thanks for your input.

10-06-2016, 12:49 PM
I have had an XD45 Tactical for quite a few years and it is a very robust 45.

Compared to a 1911 it lacks a good reset and let off of a decent 1911 trigger.

Take down is easy and grip is wider to my feel.
Very forgiving about maintenance too. I maintain mine like my Glocks.

Not picky about any commercial ammo I have tried in it either. Steel cased, aluminium or brass as well as HP bullet designs du jour.

Solid pistol in 45acp.

10-06-2016, 12:53 PM
I will say this, the aftermarket trigger I had in that rock was nice at 3.5 and solid brake. I get where people say the XD line is a bit spongy but I honestly don't have a problem with it. I feel makes up for it in it's other areas. I still want a 1911 in my collection but I think I want the XD more at the moment.

10-06-2016, 12:56 PM
I had a service length XD45 (4"). Was a good shooter, but I was not a fan of the trigger - even relative to other striker fired weapons. Even though it is polymer, mine felt as soft or softer than my 1911s. Full disclosure: I sold my XD45 b/c I found that I enjoyed shooting 1911s more. YMMV

10-06-2016, 12:59 PM
The trigger sucks and changing the sights is a complete pita. You were warned.

10-06-2016, 1:07 PM
I have the XD 5 inch Tactical. Bought it from Buds guns on layaway. I haven't fired the piece yet. Ergonomics, FOR ME, is better than my two previous Glocks. I like that steel guide rod, steel sights, and beautiful magazines.

I also prefer the fitting of slide and frame. The trigger is indeed spongy, but smoother than that of the Glocks.

I've read extensively about it prior to buying, and overwhelmingly, the feedback were positive.

10-06-2016, 1:14 PM
A trigger from Springer or PRP (both in OR) solves the trigger problem. If you can change shoes on drum brakes you can do it yourself in an hour or two.

Given how inexpensive they are, throwing a $100 trigger at it is not the end of the world; particularly for how good it feels when you're done.

10-06-2016, 1:20 PM
Again the trigger doesn't bother me on my 9mm, and my former 1911 used GI sights... nough said on how I feel about the XD's set.

10-06-2016, 1:32 PM
I didn't bring the trigger up initially because you mentioned the SC you picked up - so I figured it didn't bother you or you knew how to fix it. I decided it was worth pointing out for anyone else reading or anyone who searches and finds this discussion later.


10-06-2016, 1:33 PM
Understood West.
The trigger is just different. Not bad.
Same for the sights.

I haven't modded my pistol in any way and I chose to leave it as is.

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10-06-2016, 1:38 PM
I'd like to leave my trigger as is too. What I want to do is to be proficient in doing a detailed disassembly of the XD and be able to maintain the piece on my own, like I do with my 1911s.

10-06-2016, 2:00 PM
Think I'll be getting that XD now. Thanks guys really appreciate all the info. :D

10-06-2016, 2:38 PM
I like the tactical versions better than the service. Also the triggers can vary greatly from gun to gun. At least in my experience anyway.

10-06-2016, 6:02 PM
I've been thinking about jumping on the Xd train. Xd forums are full of people racing around them.

10-06-2016, 7:56 PM
XD. XD my foot.

Single stack center fire pistol competition should be getting a lot more popular with our buddy's new magazine limit. XD's won't be able to hold a candle to a decent 1911.

10-07-2016, 4:37 AM
Think I'll be getting that XD now. Thanks guys really appreciate all the info. :D

That's a good call.

10-07-2016, 5:24 AM
Ignore the trigger comments and go for it. I had an XD 45 compact and if I vaguely remember it shot softer than a Glock 21. The felt recoil was similar to that of an HK45.

10-07-2016, 8:44 PM
[QUOTE]Ignore the trigger comments and go for it./QUOTE]

Ignore arguably the best trigger system ever invented...hhmmm. And put your money a poor copy of a Glock. Got it, Check!

10-07-2016, 10:17 PM
Personally I didn't like my XD but I am in love with my 1911s.

Nothing wrong with the XD, but I disliked the trigger (can be upgraded), sights (can be upgraded) and grip texturing wasn't enough for me (can be upgraded/improved)

I was recently at a range with a buddy of mine who brought his XD .45ACP, and we both shot my 1911s and his XD.

Obviously there is a weight difference, so the XD is not as soft of recoiling gun as an all steel 1911, but I shot it pretty well. My friend, not so much, compared to him shooting my 1911s.

Trigger is obviously going to be different, and at first I was pulling my shots a bit. Then I got used to it and printed about the same group as I can with a 1911 shooting faster than I shot the XD.

Obviously there is a capacity difference, but they are both good guns. If you like it, you should go for it. It is pretty cheap, reliable and a straight shooter.

I prefer glocks to XD's, but that is personal prefernce.

10-08-2016, 12:28 AM
Former 1911 owner...

not sure if srs...

10-08-2016, 6:59 AM
not sure if srs...

I had a little 1911 sub compact, mags were a pain to find, any upgrade I wanted to do; checkering, replace the 100 year old style blade sights, etc... I had would have to buy the tooling for or take it to a gunsmith which would almost always cost me near half in what I paid for in the gun... So the XD 9mm was next on my list and it was on sale at the time, so I traded out. I find everything on my XD an upgrade compared to my 1911. Don't get me wrong I love the 1911 and want to buy a full size one down the road. But some of the stuff listed as a con for the XD are actually an upgrade compared to my baby rock island.

-Sights... 100 year old blade sights vs 3 dot modern
-Weight.. That little sucker kind of started to wear on me while carrying it and I started leaving it behind at times defeating the whole point of carrying.
-Parts readily and affordably available.
-Traction/ checkering, At least there is something vs bare blued steel. And again I don't find it an issue.
-A trigger is a trigger... if it's under 10lbs and goes bang each time its needed to then I could honestly give less of a darn about how the trigger feels.

As for the glock thing... I'm not here to debate, I'm not here to argue, I'm just here to buy guns and shoot them.

But.... I do see a number of people modifying their factory triggers, adding skateboard tape, an changing out sights just as much as the next guy. So the grass aint greener on anyone's side IMHO.

10-08-2016, 7:15 AM
If you're a 1911 fan, an xd would be a good tupperware gun starting point. The grip angle mirrors that of the 1911, and honestly the stock triggers are fine for what they are (can go aftermarket if you feel the need, but they are adequate as is). They are all function over form and they shoot straight; it all depends on what you're looking for in a firearm.

10-08-2016, 8:14 AM
there is no comparison between the 1911 trigger and the striker fired. one is crisp and one is mushy, spongy. I have several examples of both for years. I eventually went with the Powder River Precision trigger and it changed the XDM trigger to something better. It's still a striker fired and will never feel like the 1911.

10-08-2016, 8:41 AM
Don't get me wrong I love the 1911 and want to buy a full size one down the road...

10-4. Yea, I hear you on the horrible original sighting system but you may have been mislead on the triggers. I have a little Browning 85%-sized replica of a G.I. 1911 and while I won't sell it hoping for an eventual combat sights upgrade (none available last time I checked even though Browning's "Black Label" model has them... they won't fit the dovetail blah blah blah)... I don't shoot it because the sights suck. But it's a perfectily-scaled .22LR pistol and otherwise it's a peach.

When you do acquire a Government-sized model, buy a factory-tuned hotrod; one with Tritium-insert combat sights and all the '70s smithy tricks thrown in for reliable feeding with all bullet types and the great trigger that 1911s are known for.

My "carry" piece, if you will, one I wear here on the ol' homestead, is a Kimber Ultra CDP II. It's a 3"-barreled version with all the modern pistol upgrades and with an aluminum frame. I wear it in a Bianchi fold-away and can sometimes forget I have it on. It shoots just as well as my Government-sized Springfield guns.


I suppose if I were to ever truly desire a plastic .45, an XD would be at the top of the list. I am a Springfield Armory aficionado fer sure.


10-08-2016, 7:33 PM
I have the 5" Tactical model, The only gun I own that I do not like.

10-08-2016, 8:18 PM
Soooo many butt-hurt 1911 worshipers........

10-08-2016, 8:26 PM
Any of you 1911 fanboys butt-hurt? Not me. Glad to see the demand for quality 1911 being alleviated.

10-08-2016, 8:49 PM
I have the XD Tactical (5") model. In fact I have two.
I find it slightly softer to shoot than my steel 1911 and much softer to shoot than my allow 1911, both Govt. size.

It's double stack so the grip will be wider, if it doesn't bother you that would be the first obstacle to overcome, and something that can't be easily changed.

The trigger is mushy but I don't find it difficult to switch from it to a 1911. Certainly aftermarket triggers can overcome that problem.

The sights are a nightmare to change. The easy solution is to look up on the XD Talk forum and you'll find a guy that changes them for a reasonable price. If you buy sights from him, he installs free. Only need to send in the slide so no need to do overnight delivery and incur that extra expense.

The XD is not a poor copy of a Glock. It's polymer and striker fired. You get into comparing the insides and they are completely different animals.

I like the grip safety and some hate it. To each their own. I like the cocked striker indicator. It feels better in my hand. The grip angle is the same or very near the same of a 1911, but it sure ain't a 1911.

Finally, if God forbid I was involved in a shooting I'd rather have the XD confiscated than one of my expensive 1911's. I tell people if a Glock works for them get it instead of an XD. For me, I'd rather have the XD.

10-08-2016, 9:25 PM
I am pretty sure the OP has already made a decision to go forward and get an XD in .45acp.

Good for him. XD's are good guns, but like many guns out there they are not the best for some. I don't see this as me getting butt hurt. He is simply going through a selection process. It is all good.

10-08-2016, 9:25 PM
Well, maybe the XD isn't a poor copy of Glock, maybe.
the concept of a striker fired, non-all metal frame pistol concept...is Glock all the way. If Glock had not set the standard there would be no XD or Shields.

All of the polymer-shmallear pistols that came after Glock have a well respected slot in the second drawer or lower.

I have two Glocks. Not because I like them but to show others how they work. But I'm not spending my money on another Glock or any of their eastern euro or Asian copies. No way. There are the copy-catters and there is the industry standard that is 5 years ahead of everyone else and the evidence is obvious. I like Glocks so well I'm thinking about selling the both of them. If someone wants to know how to shoot a Glock then they can bring one of their own.

Shoot, buy, what ever you like. Don't try to live up to some other keyboard commando's expectations. Have fun & enjoy life.

10-08-2016, 10:51 PM
Actually Hk was the first time bring polymer pistols into the game but hey who's counting. My point is they all work despite the name on it.

10-11-2016, 8:34 AM
So I jailed one last night. Was the last one in stock too.


10-11-2016, 8:41 AM
Basically the same grip angle, has a grip safety