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10-06-2008, 6:04 PM
Trapshooting classes and training - a youth league.
This one based at Livermore range

I was looking into this for my grandson, seems like a cool set-up but costs are involved.

Here is an email I got from the coach which explains it better than I can.
Hello George:

We are set up to take a new shooter and introduce them to the exciting world of shotgun sports.
Please read the whole E-Mail

SCTP is a national group that shows young shooters how to shoot a shotgun
and how to do it safely. We have 2 head coach's and 4 ATA certified shot gun coaches on staff and avalible each practice to give the shooters instruction while on the trap field. We make no promise that your shooter will excel in the shot gun sport of Trap. We do promise that your shooter will get instruction from our coaching staff and will shoot in a SAFE and FUN environment with other youth shooters at their ability level. (90% of shooters in this program better their scores from beginning of year to the end)

You are required to make a payment of $200 at the beginning of the shoot year during Team sign ups .This money is for Uniforms-Study Material-and other SCTP related items. THIS DOES NOT PAY FOR TARGETS AT PRACTICE OR AWAY SHOOTS IT ALSO DOES NOT PAY FOR YOUR AMMO.

At each practice you will need to bring a Shotgun -4 boxes of shells that are the same caliber as your shotgun and also buy 4 youth shoot tokens

You will be placed on a squad of shooters who shoot at your ability level. We
start each practice with 15min to 30min of class room instruction then we take
what we learned on to the trap field and practice. We also go to other northern California
Trap clubs to compete against other youths for trophy's . If this is something you may
be interested in please come out to the next practice and see me so we can fill
out the paper work. If the $200 is a problem we have sponsors to help with the
cost. If you do not have a shotgun we can loan you one until you get your own.
We will start the 2009 season on November 2nd 2008 at 11:00 am with sign ups and other paperwork, Please bring a black pen. Also please know your shooters shirt size-birth date-year in school-ATA number(if they shoot last year)- E-Mail address you want the team information to go to- and what school your shooter attends

Coach Mark Thomas
E-Mail - t4jamm@comcast.net

BTW If you are interested email coach Mark Thomas soon, as there is a meet and greet session happening later this month (October).

E-Mail coach Mark Thomas at: t4jamm@comcast.net

10-06-2008, 7:58 PM
My brother does this. He's 15 and this is going to be his 2nd year doing it. He really enjoys it and has drastically improved! :)

mala in se
10-16-2008, 10:34 AM
is anyone aware of a youth league in the San Jose area. Livermore is a bit of a drive for us, but I intend to introduce my son (9yo) to shooting sometime early next year. any info would be appreciated.

10-16-2008, 4:39 PM
is anyone aware of a youth league in the San Jose area.

Not 100% positive on this but try:

Santa Clara County Field Sports Park
9580 Malech Road
San Jose, CA 95013
CASCTP Coach Mike Borg


10-17-2008, 3:11 PM
the only SCTP program in the bay area is Livermore, unfortunately.
they do have a great program, one of the best junior shooters in
the nation shot for the sctp at livermore 2-3 years ago, and he lives
in san jose. It is a great environment for kids, they usually have 40+ squads (each squad is 5 shooters)

10-17-2008, 3:18 PM
I've seen a few of these kids shooting an ATA match. It was very impressive to see a 9 year old girl, with only a couple months experience, shooting next to my 68 year old father. On the other side of him was a 10 year old girl who's mother was one of the coaches. While I was talking with the mother/coach, she told me that they had a 6 year old at the club who routinely shoots 16-18s with a 28g. Unfortunately, the 6 year old wasn't there that weekend. This was at a private range just north east of Santa Barbara.

05-04-2009, 4:20 PM
Is there any clubs up north in the Chico area i would be interested in getting my son in one of these groups.

05-05-2009, 6:22 AM
Current list of Calif clubs can be viewed at: