View Full Version : Winchester 94 Mf'd. in 1919

Go Navy
10-02-2008, 1:05 PM
I have come across a Winchester Model 94, in .30-30, manufactured in 1919. I plan to verify that with the serial number. It is a saddle ring carbine (20 inch barrel). It is in great condition; I would guess the blueing is 80-90%. I haven't inspected the bore yet. I think it is all original, but I have to go back and inspect it again. I am not a collector, but I'd sure like to pick this one up. The gun dealer is local and very respected. He's asking $795 for it.

Any opinions on this price or otherwise?

10-02-2008, 1:46 PM
Go there and tell 'em, hey times are tough all over and offer $750 OTD. Say sorry but that's what I can do. If they don't budge, ask for some ammo to go with it.