View Full Version : 1000 yd Program Reintroduction

10-01-2008, 1:46 PM
Hello All,

I am very proud to announce to you all that the diligent efforts of the staff have rewarded us with access to Ranges 116 and 117; 200-800 and 200-1000 yds. respectively.

The last time SMGC had access to 1000 yds of shooting was pre-hurricane Katherine in 1982, when the back of the Range was washed out and away by floods.

Informal practices will take place as soon as possible; with next season, after some work parties are done, being the beginning of formal Matches.

That being said, we are in need of RSOs/OICs. PLEASE, WE NEED YOU TO GO TO THE CLASSES. Now more than ever, the sooner I get RSOs the sooner we begin 1000yds. Contact any Club Officer and request info about the RSO program. WE NEED YOU!!!!

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming practices.

Thank you,
SMGC Board of Directors

10-07-2008, 9:18 PM
Hot Damn! 1000 yards. This sounds like fun.