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09-02-2016, 2:40 PM
Wilcox P/N 28300G70-B

New never used.
Retail $507
$400 cash/PayPal Gift/PayPal +3

FTF in San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita
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More info On mount.

Wilcox Industries designs some of the most sophisticated and user-centric night vision helmet mount systems available. The first reaction people tend to have is to balk at the price tag. Sure, it is expensive, but like everything: you get what you pay for. Wilcox helmet mounts are, literally, works of engineering art. They are designed with direct input from US Warfighters at the very tip of the sharp stick. These designs are refined until they reach perfection and are then masterfully crafted in Wilcox’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
The Wilcox L4 G70 Mount System is a complete mount package for three-hole MARSOC/WARCOM pattern helmets. The L4 G70 system features a Wilcox L4 G24 Breakaway Lever Arm and a Wilcox Three-Hole Shroud w/ Lanyard Assembly. This simplified system does away with the proprietary mounting convention found in previous Wilcox units. It does, however, retain the sought-after breakaway feature. The breakaway feature allows the operator to preset the mount for a secure lock with the shroud or to allow it to break away under stress so as to prevent injury. Activities that could cause entanglement such as rappelling and fast roping or high-speed operations where the NVG can bang into objects are a leading cause in neck and head injury to soldiers. The ability of the Lever Arm to break free of the shroud under these conditions protects the user’s body and the NVG from severe injury or damage.
The Wilcox L4 G70 System features all the same adjustability features as the rest of the Wilcox line. If you cannot adjust the Wilcox mount to place your NVG’s in proper position, there is probably something wrong with your head!
Another great feature of the Wilcox L4 G70 is that it cantilevers the NVG out in front of your head instead of over it (like the standard issue mounts). This reduces your profile and makes it easier to judge your height when entering and exiting vehicles or moving through windows and doorways.
The L4 G70 System comes with two sets of mounting hardware, providing both long and short bolts. This gives the end user the proper length hardware for mounting the shroud to either ballistic or non-ballistic shells. No more cutting down screws to fit bump helmets. The Three-Hole Shroud is another work of art from Wilcox. It’s precision machined mount interface provides a very sturdy lockup with the mount arm. The lightweight glass-reinforced polymer shroud frame is solid and just looks plain aggressive. It’s smooth edges will not snag ropes or risers. The ubiquitous Wilcox Retractable Lanyard is present.
Please note that Wilcox Mounts utilize a proprietary dovetail interface and are not compatible with USGI bayonet-style J-Arm adapters. We carry the full line of Wilcox Interface Shoes that will retrofit your NVG system to be compatible with your Wilcox Mount. Wilcox manufacturers an Interface Shoe Adapter for just about every NVG system in use today. Please make sure you have the proper adapter when purchasing a Wilcox Mount.


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