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08-15-2016, 5:52 PM
Hey everyone, I'm thinking about getting another beretta 92 but would to know from anyone who has experience with these other variants as far as trigger pull. Are they any different as far as pounds and smoothness or are the all the same? This will also be a duty gun. Advice please, everyone welcome law enforcement and civilians :)

Blade Gunner
08-15-2016, 6:06 PM
I had a M9A1 (military 92fs). Good if you're in the armed forces, but not much else. Wanted to up grade to a Wilson Combat but they are difficult to find. Bought a 92G-SD, bought the Wilson parts kit and D spring. Kept the factory night sights which are easy to change out with the brigadier slide. Trigger pull DA or SA is like butter. No stacking. For collectabilty, the Wilson Combat is clearly the winner. If you like shooting it, get the 92G-SD and put the Wilson parts kit in it including the grips.

08-15-2016, 8:13 PM
Trigger pull is the same across all versions in their factory form.

Fix them all with D springs and even the trigger return spring unit from WC. Nothing beats an action tune from WC though. I'm lucky enough to have picked up a Brigadier Tactical before SSE went away.

08-15-2016, 8:29 PM
I compared my bone stock 92FS Brigadier, 2004 92G-SD, 2015 92G-SD, and 92 Elite II. The 2015 92G-SD has the best trigger, which is very crisp and light. The 2004 92G-SD & Elite II triggers are very similar and not far behind the 2015 92G-SD, but the 92FS Brigadier had the worst, but still good compared to other DA/SA pistols. I upgraded my 2015 92G-SD with Wilson parts, without any polishing of parts, and the trigger is amazing! I got rid of my 92FS Brigadier only because I have unintentionally activated the safety when racking the slide, so decided to only stick with the decocker only versions. They are definitely my favorite DA/SA semi autos. I do not have experience with an actual Wilson Brigadier and not sure if the only difference may be the WC Beretta has action job/polished parts, but I'm sure the trigger will be the same as my 92G-SD with Wilson upgrades or slightly better.

08-16-2016, 3:35 PM
OP: Buy my Wilson Conbat Beretta so you can get a feel for yourself ;)

Sorry, it is the only Beretta I have ever owned. I have a very limited experience with Beretta 92 pistols in general and have only shot a rental and the one my friend has. FWIW, the trigger on my Wilson Combat is really nice compared to the ones that I shot.

08-17-2016, 10:22 AM
Have them all and while they are all good the WCB with the action tune is by far the best. The 92G SD with the D spring is a close second. The 92fs with the D spring is really good. D spring is one of the best $5 parts you can invest in. I also installed the metal trigger in the SD and 92fs. Not sure if it really makes a difference but I thought "what the heck". Hope this helps.

08-18-2016, 12:07 PM
I had the Beretta M9 in the USMC and didn't care for it. However when the Wilson Combat Beretta came out, I bought the WC/Beretta 92g compact just to have as a collectable. I was very surprised as to how well it shoots. Extremely accurate, smooth as silk. The compact has the option for "Action Tune" upgrade which is a trigger job. I did not get this option. I'm not sure if the Brigadier also has the action tune option. The triggers pulls are standard, whether it's a WC/Beretta or regular Beretta. If you get the action tuned WC/Beretta, the trigger is supposed to be a little lighter and the slack removed. The WC version is a must have in my opinion. WC no longer makes the compact, but if you're LE, you find them both on gunbroker.com and arrange for transfer to your LE FFL. If you want the Full size WC Brigadier, you can order and pay over the phone direct from WILSON COMBAT like I did. 1-800-955-4856 . Just send your LE credentials via email to them and you get 10% off. They shipped mine the same day.