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09-26-2008, 10:40 PM
All Competitors must Pre-registration:
Effective 1 October, all competitors must pre-reregister 72 hours before the scheduled match. This means the cut off date to have your name on the list is Wednesday prior to a Saturday Match/Practice. The club will have to update the roster every 90 days of members competing in the matches or practices.

Base Access: All non-DoD personnel (civilians) will have to provide the following to Santa Margarita so we can submit a list to Marine Corps Base 72 hours before any Santa Margarita event, i.e., practices and matches. This doesn’t have anything to do with retired military personnel or personnel with a DOD ID Cards. MCB, CamPen will start scanning DL/ID Cards at the gate and if you are not on the list in the system (CanPen) you may be denied access on base. If you try to enter the base over three times without being in their system, you will be denited access to the base.

Full Name State/Drives License# Date of Birth Sponsor Effective/expiration Date

Dave Paul Jones California #P8842119 DOB 3-28-59 SMGC’s input

Registering firearms: Per Base regulations, all firearms, knives must be registered within 72 hours of coming on base. You have to options; 1. Bring you paperwork of the firearms, knives and bows to the PMO Registration Office and fill out the paperwork. 2. Bring your firearm, knives and bows to the office so they can see it and check the SN# etc. and they will enter it in the system.

Out of State Competitors: Competitors from out of state are not required to bring them in since they are not coming in every month. However, they must be on Santa Margarita’s competitors list! Pre-register.