View Full Version : D 3-5 2008 Deer Season

09-26-2008, 8:32 PM
Good luck guys! I'll be in pioneer, lets see some good takes tomorrow.

10-01-2008, 1:07 PM
passed on a little forked horn on sun morning and again on weds.morning.

10-01-2008, 6:22 PM
My son and I went out Sat AM for his first deer hunt on our property. We didn't see anything till we headed out and saw a nice doe 75 yds from our trailer. We will be back out in 10 days.

10-01-2008, 8:41 PM
Anyone hunt off of Ice House Rd in Eldorado National Forest? D4-D5 Bounderies...

10-05-2008, 6:52 PM
I was up again past pioneer on saturday in the miserable foggy nasty horrible weather. Only thing I saw all day was deer hunters and a cute blonde game wardeness. :D

10-05-2008, 7:45 PM
Spent a day in a friends vineyard in Pleasant Valley last week. Saw a couple of does but thats it.

He claims there are 3-4 bucks that frequent a ridge top clearing on his property. I'll be back out there on Monday morning. I've put out scent wicks here and there in the clearing...

will be in the stand before sunrise.