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09-25-2008, 6:16 PM
After much procrastinating, I was recently in search of a Vector V-93. I found out that Vector is changing ownership & the guy who used to build them there quit. They don't know when more will be available. Some other shops on the internet I spoke with said that Vector will not be producing them anymore. I finally tracked one down from a referral located at Merchant Firearms of AZ. The owner Aaron was very kind & is set up to ship to CA. His price was fair & he was more than helpful with the transaction. He said he can find just about anything & currently has some very cool guns in stock. We have yet another option with Merchant Firearms. Today, I was contacted by a local shop to inform me that my GSG was in after being on the waiting list a while. I'm feel like I'm somewhere between heaven & hell! I'm stoked about the new toys coming, but it's going to be a long 10 days for the GSG & an agonizing 30 DAYS for the V-93! Yes the FFL the V-93 is shipping to is on vacation for a month. Anyway, just sharing the joy/pain!:D:(

09-25-2008, 6:23 PM
Patience is a virtue. Tested by our silly laws.

09-25-2008, 7:01 PM
You are very lucky my friend. I'll be picking up my GSG-5 next week, and I can't wait.

09-25-2008, 7:05 PM
I guess I'll have to shoot the other guns in the meantime to satisfy the hunger. I also got the collapsible stock with it. It's kinda flimsy but I may be able to beef it up a little.

09-25-2008, 7:11 PM
yeah, i just drosed a gsg and can't wait to pick it up! should be a fun way to kill some paper and steel.

09-25-2008, 10:49 PM
I have a v93 in DROS right now, wasn't looking for one, just stumbled across it at a great SoCal shop in Ventura (Uncle Pauls Gun Exchange).

09-26-2008, 2:26 AM
Did you pick it up at river city? Did it come with 10rnd mags?

09-26-2008, 5:58 PM
Did you pick it up at river city? Did it come with 10rnd mags?

Yea, I got it from River City. It comes with a 22 rd mag but they swap them to 10's at the store.