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09-24-2008, 1:15 PM
So I my daughter at breakfast asks me if I would take her fishing today. I was so happy that she wanted to go find some fish with dad. So we packed up and headed out, I was kind of tired taking her to the same old ponds. I decided to see how she would do on a little hike to a creek. The creek I decided to take her to is one that I knew well, I knew she could not do a major hike here but that we could do a small one and still get into some nice fish. When we arrived at the trail head she was excited, she kept saying that she wanted to climb to the top of the mountain and catch fish. I told her not to worry that we would catch plenty of fish. We headed off down the trail, it wasn’t long hike to the first pool but it was long enough for her. We set up and started to fish, I did not bring the Barbie pole this time because I wanted her to start to try a fly rod (with my help). I tied on a #16 PMD picked her up and walked out in the water to a rock that we could sit on. I saw numerous fish jumping as is usual in this place. I cast out and immediately see a splash; yes it was fish on time. I quickly landed this nice little guy and released him. Man my daughter was excited. We caught quite a few more on the PMD, my daughter kept saying how pretty the fish were. I decided to try another fly and that choice was not a mistake. I threw it out and saw a larger splash I could tell that this was one of the bigger guys in this pool. I landed him and released him, you could tell my daughter excitement when she saw the fish. I was helping my daughter cast and saw another large splash; yes it was another of the larger guys. My daughter was so excited when she felt the fish fighting that she could hardly contain herself. We caught quite a lot more fish throughout the day, when I was landing (what would end up being the last fish of the day) my daughter wanted to see it. I showed it to her and she said that it was really pretty, as I was releasing the fish I guess she wanted to see me do it and ended up falling head first into the pool. She went all the way under water then came back up; I jumped in and pulled her out. She was a little shaken up but on the way home she said that she had fun fishing with me and that she was happy that we went.

Here are a few pics that I took of the trip enjoy.





09-24-2008, 1:15 PM






09-24-2008, 1:19 PM
Awesome time - Cute kid.

09-24-2008, 1:45 PM
Way to go ThrillBilly, Looks like a great day. Beautiful little lady you have there.

09-25-2008, 7:39 AM
Thanks guys.

Yea it was her first ever hike/fishing trip and she did well. Soon she should be flicking a fly on her own. I need to start taking her to the range; I should get a .22 first though.