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09-24-2008, 12:56 PM
Thought it was a question about bass pro, eh?

Well... Even better! The company I work for is throwing an event at the bass pro rancho cucamonga from thursday-sunday this week. Test drive a new toyota tundra and get a 10-15 dollar gift card. i cant remember which amount it was. I worked the event last year and it was $15 then i believe.

We're not with a dealership an we dont sell your info. Basically take a drive or ride along with someone else... Fill out a quick questionnaire on what your opinion is on the vehicle and that is it.

I'll be there on friday to get my gift cards. Bring the whole family and check out the tundra and get gift cards!

Anyone over 18 gets the card.

Figured the hunting board would fit this topic :)
Not advertising my company either hence no mention of our company name. Just want ya'll to get some free gift cards!!!