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09-23-2008, 2:50 PM
I was perusing the Parts and Accessories ads in the Marketplace and saw an AR pistol upper for sale. A question was asked of the seller: Does the upper have to be installed on a pistol only lower? The response was that it had to be installed on a marked pistol lower for DROS.

My question is: Is this accurate information? I have a RRA upper marked "Pistol Only". Would I be in violation if I used this upper in a rifle configuration, even after the lower has went through the DROS process?


Flat Broke
09-23-2008, 3:19 PM
I think the issue here is going to be the length of the barrel and OAL of the firearm, not what's stamped on the upper.


09-23-2008, 3:25 PM
If the lower was DROS'd as a long gun, it can never have a barrel of less than 16" (legal measurement) installed on it without special permits and licenses.

09-23-2008, 6:27 PM
Thanks guys. I figured that the stamping wouldn't make a difference as long as I had sufficient barrel length, which I do(20").

Whew, that had me sweating there for a minute. I was getting ready to dismantle my baby!