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09-21-2008, 1:50 PM
I just picked up a brand new 500A. I stripped it all the way down and cleaned it and re-assembled for a function check. I popped some snap caps in it and and it worked fine for the first few rounds. On the fourth cap I pumped it fully but slowly. I watched the round pop back and the front end dip down in between the elevator and dip behind the elevator tab that sticks out. I pumped the slide forward resulting in the jam pictured below.

It functions just fine with the exception of this one strange occurrence. I'm hesitant to use it as my HD gun because of this. If it can happen in a slow but complete pump motion, what's to say it won't happen when I need it the most? What do you guys think about this? :confused:

Top View

Bottom View

09-21-2008, 2:12 PM
Snap caps are NOT a reliable indicator of performance with real ammo. Buy a couple of boxes of Federal or Winchester at Wal-mart, take it to the nearest range, and then see if it functions properly.

09-21-2008, 2:58 PM
+1 Snap caps jam up all the time in guns.

Especially shotguns, some of the firearms courses I have taken used shotguns and snap caps identical to yours and it jammed on the first one, but the gun worked fine on the range.

The Cable Guy
09-21-2008, 3:36 PM
I recreated that jam with my dummy rounds, but I have never had a problem with jams on my mossberg 500A.

09-21-2008, 3:43 PM
The last time I tried to make jam with my 500 I had a heck of a mess holes in the floor wall ceiling fruit every were so I don't recommend it


LOL...:p I used to have this air powered canon, and I put some skittles in it, man did it **** up my wall when it fired inside the house.

09-21-2008, 6:59 PM
Take a tactical shotgun class.

Tap, Rack,...

09-22-2008, 4:29 PM
My problem was that I have no time to get to the range in the first place. Which is why I was using the snap caps. But you guys do make a good point and I'll reserve further judgment until I can actually get out there and put this gun to use.