View Full Version : Savage 112

09-20-2008, 6:37 PM
I just picked up a like new, but older, single shot Savage 112 in 25.06 - heavy barrel, Wundhammer checkered grip walnut stock. For $350.00 I figured what the heck.

I already have a Ruger Target 77 in 25.06 and an Encore with 15" bbl, so components and such are already present and having the Ruger it's not like I need another heavy 25.06. So I was thinking, given the easy interchangeability of Savage barrels and the 30.06/308 case head, maybe I should go for a different caliber.

I'd like to keep this "on the cheap" so to speak. Will use it for target shooting, mostly 100 to 300 yds, and recoil in the pleasant "308 or less" range. Since the action is single shot I know I could use a short (260 Rem or 7-08) cartridge length, but the action is full length so I want a 30.06 length cartridge.

I already have a 6mm Rem target rifle, so that's out.

Any suggestions in the 6.5 or 7mm range? Or should I just keep it in 25.06? I have no problem reloading for odd calibers by the way.