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09-19-2008, 9:01 AM
Is it me or does it seem that the Technical Writers for Sturm, Ruger and Company, don’t have a clue how describe the “Disassembly of a Rifle?” More specifically the Bolt….Case in point (taken from the manual of the RUGER M77 HAWKEYE Bolt Action Rifle)


4. To remove firing pin assembly from bolt: With bolt out of the rifle and firing pin cocked, insert a pin or nail into the “disassembly hole” in the cocking piece.

NOTE: The pin or nail should be as close as possible in size to the hole diameter, and at least 2 inches long so that it can be used to ‘lever’ the firing pin to the rear when reassembling the firing pin assembly into the bolt.

Unscrew firing pin assembly and remove from bolt. (Caution: Do not remove the restraining pin until firing pin assembly is reassembled into bolt).

CAUTION: The firing pin assembly is intended to be a permanent assembly and should not be disassembled. The parts are under great spring pressure and if disassembled could fly apart with sufficient force to cause serious injury. Also, special tools are required to correctly reassemble this part.

After searching the internet: This is how the bolt should be taken apart:

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I have not taken down a Mk II, but bear with me and maybe I can help.

Look at the bottom of the bolt sleeve, which is the part you are trying to unscrew. You should see the cocking piece sticking down. That is the part that sits on the sear until the trigger is pulled, then goes forward. It is attached to the firing pin.

Now, hold the front edge of the cocking piece against a block of wood (edge of workbench if it is sharp) and push forward on the bolt. This will move the cocking piece back out of the bolt sleeve until the small hole in the bottom of the cocking piece is exposed.

Insert a wire, punch, or paper clip of appropriate size through that hole.

The cocking piece should now stay back and you can unscrew the bolt sleeve. Once the bolt is reassembled, you should be able to do the same thing to remove whatever is in the hole and let the bolt be reinserted in the rifle.

I don't recommend any further disassembly. Do not drive out the pin that holds the firing pin to the cocking piece. If you do that, you are on your own and good luck. END

Me again...

Now in the Ruger manual they NEVER display the bolt or the "disassembly hole," and they don't describe it either by size or location...

I did manage to speak with their service department! He stated that the manual is not very clear. He informed me of a tear-down video on Ruger's site... http://www.ruger.com/Firearms/N-RugerTV-TT-M77Disassembly.html

The Video is very helpful...