View Full Version : Looking for QD Swivel bases for the U-15 stock

09-18-2008, 7:50 AM
Does anyone know of something similar to the following:

Uncle Mikes QD Base (http://www.unclemikes.com/products/push_button_detachable_swivels.html)


I have a sling with the QD swivels (used with my Magpul CTR). I'd like to be able to use the same sling with my U-15 stock. The Uncle Mike's looks like a viable solution, but it needs to be glued. Wondering if there was something a little more secure.


09-18-2008, 8:02 AM
I have not found anything for my U15 stock as far as QD. If you do find something that will work let me know. I have a QD on the front, attached to rail, but not the stock.