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09-14-2008, 4:50 PM
Cleaning out a relatives old storage unit and everything is my responsibility. I found this rifle inside (along with two swords I'm gonna post sooner or later). I have pictures to help too. Its a Savage Model 3B. Made in Utica, NY.
Most importantly, do I need to register this gun at all? There is no serial number or anything that I can see but I haven't scrutinized it fully yet..

So also while looking at it, maybe you could tell me about its condition? I'll oil it up but I dont have anything to clean out a barrel of this caliber or size. I own a XD45.. Once properly cleaned it should be safe to shoot right?

*EDIT* *EDIT*So I googled for a second and found out that these rifles were manufactured around 1930's - mid 1950's.. I found out some info on the model 3B:

Model 3B - open iron sights, blued bead front, 24” or 26" barrel, bolt has a cocking knob/safety, chrome plated smooth-handled bolt and trigger, finger groove in fore end of walnut stock - there is also a report that some stocks did not have the finger groove in the forend, no sling attachments, metal butt plate with factory horizontal grooves cut in it - also reported to come with a hard rubber/plastic butt plate, stamped metal trigger guard, slot for bolt; is straight with an arrow stamped in the bolt pointing to the cocking knob, no safety, left rear of receiver drilled and tapped w/ 2 holes, known to have been manufactured prior to mid 1944 - unknown when production stopped.

Is it ok to dry fire this gun?

Also what does the "22 short long or long rifle" mean? whats a short long rifle?

I'm not sure of the proper way to measure the barrel but from where the back of the round would rest in cocked position, its 26" to end of barrel.




Savage Arms Corporation
Savage Model 3B
Utica, N.Y. MADE IN U.S.A.
"22 Short long or long rifle"

09-14-2008, 5:08 PM
Congrats on your new gun. :)

Also what does the "22 short long or long rifle" mean? whats a short long rifle?
It means you can safely fire .22Short, .22Long and .22LR ammo out of it.

Mssr. Eleganté
09-14-2008, 5:12 PM
Long guns aren't registerd in California, so you don't need to register it. Also, since it is as long gun that is over 50 years old you don't even need to go through a Dealer to take possession. You can just take it home and it's yours.

The gun was designed to shoot 3 different calibers...

.22 Short
.22 Long
.22 Long Rifle

They can all be fired out of that rifle, kind of like how .38 Special can be fired out of a .357 Magnum revolver.

Don't dry fire it! The firing pin can dent the edge of the chamber if you do.

09-14-2008, 9:30 PM
I have a .22 very similar to that .I got it from my Dad for my 8th birthday
in 1958. It is a single shot .22 in all three calipers .It has NO serial number anywhere. I guess back then a gun was considered a tool ,like a hammer. I took it to school in 1960 for "show and tell". I couldn't keep it at my desk;the teacher made me put it in the corner so the stock would not get scratched.
Growing up in Western Pa. everybody was armed to the teeth {still are} and we didn't even have a 'crime rate'. Now I live in Crimeafornia .

{ I still have that .22 that my Dad gave me. }

Keep yours.