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09-12-2008, 7:47 PM
I'm looking for some cheek elevation for my FAL. I've found these two from DSA. I'm leaning toward the adjustable buttstock.

I can't find any other options. Does anyone know of any other way to go?

Any input on the adjustable stock?



09-12-2008, 7:53 PM
Tapco has a drill and screw-in plastic cheekpiece for a couple of bux.

09-12-2008, 8:06 PM
I checked Tapco. Maybe they have discontinued it. I can't find it on their site.

09-12-2008, 9:43 PM
Iron sights or optics?

If your current gun has a humpback stock, it's an easy change to get one with a straight back...that definitely helps. If you're looking for something like a Monte Carlo stock for optics, dsa's adaptation/clone of the magpul prs stock may work, though they're not at all inexpensive. I've handled an fal with one but not shot it...it makes a normal battle rifle butt-heavy and looks like a pita to lug in the field :(.

Field expedient / shtf fix is closed cell pipe insulation with gaffer's tape, functional but the other side of tactical.

Main thing to know is that the fal was designed for iron sights to start with...cheek weld isn't really an issue as properly mounted, your eye is an inch or so away from the rear sights. Hensoldt (sp??) and SUIT optics are mounted on top of the top cover, which makes matters worse as your line of sight is well above the stock. The SUIT is fine for minute-of-coyote no sweat.

An EoTech is a sweetie;) on an fal, but it's not going to give you the range that you want.

Where'd you find the cordura pad??...might be something I'd like to play with.

Ask on the gunsmithing forum on the fal files, you'll get a lot more info.


09-13-2008, 9:42 AM
What I got is a lot of elevation. A see thru mount adapter. I went looking for just a little bit of rise and came home with this because it was cool. I'm just experimenting for now before I commit to a good scope purchase. The cheap tasco I bought years ago.

How much more do you get with a straight stock?

Maybe I'll try building up with padding just to see how much rise on my cheek I need.


09-13-2008, 4:03 PM
First, dump the riser. Mount the scope directly to the top cover with rings high enough to let the eyepiece clear the rear sight and the objective to clear the sight base.

Massafeff, by 'straight stock', I meant one issued with the fal...note in the picture the humpbacked stock...find one without the dip. I.e., one that came on an Austrian stg58. It will have a straight line between the top of the front of the stock and the recoil pad...buttstock in the picture has a dip as you can see.

Go to www.gunthings.com and click on "FAL Lower" on the left side of the page...note in the picture the wooden stock (non-STG58) with the hump at the top of the parts picture, and the flat-top STG58 stock just below it. DO NOT use an AR stock...it's an abysmal pos when installed on an FAL.

That's a start. If you need more email me via calguns.net.

Enjoy your rifle:D


09-13-2008, 4:20 PM
Thanks much for the help guys

09-13-2008, 9:26 PM
For awhile I used one of Karstens custom kydex cheek pieces. His sight seems to be down but I found this review of one here- http://www.snipercentral.com/karsten.htm

Never mind I got his site up HERE (http://www.imageseek.com/karsten/)

I just screwed it into an extra stock I had, make sure to avoid where the recoil spring tube is. It worked very well, and if I took off the scope I could just adjust the piece down so I could use iron sights.