09-12-2008, 11:12 AM
1. This forum is primarily for our female Calgunners to have a place free from the jokes and comments that some find offensive as well as free from the 'piling on' that often occurs when females post on forums. To that end, while this forum is open to all, there will be unique and specific consequences for those who violate these rules.

2. Any valid and verifiable complaints of offensive posting, 'cyber-stalking' or just plain 'cruising', will cause that person to lose access to this forum. This is not the usual '3 strikes' deal, this is one strike and out so act like gentlemen in here.

3. Posts such as 'Pics!', 'This thread is useless without pics!' or other comments of this nature made in a derogatory or objectifying manner are not acceptable. Posts like this will result in losing access to this forum.

4. This forum is not justification to begin making offensive or restricted posts outside of this forum. Our female members are not limited to this forum, they just have a dedicated area in addition to the rest of the forum.

5. 'Clever' comments of an inappropriate nature and sexual innuendos will not be tolerated. Posts like this will result in losing access to this forum.

6. This forum has a very specified purpose, off topic and/or childish behavior will not be tolerated and will be deleted. In addition, penalties will be harsher for rules violations in the Ladies forum.

7. In addition to these special rules, the standard rules still apply here as well.