View Full Version : Need a Picatinny / Dovetail adapter

09-09-2008, 3:40 PM
I have a small caliber scope that has a built in mount for the small .22 cal dovetails. I want to put it on a .22 cal rifle that has a built in picatinny rail running along the top.

Does anyone make a mount that is:
1. Dovetail rail on top (scope side)
2. Picatinny clamp on the bottom (rifle side)
3. Both of the above but with a mid-level rise so that I can also use iron sights

If # 3 is too much to ask, maybe just a mount meeting #1 and #2.

I've done online searches and some of the gun sales websites without luck. Thanks for any leads.

09-09-2008, 5:17 PM
i needed to do something like that but i had to do it in a really convoluted way

i needed to buy one of these


and a standard rail

i chose this


i took the laser mount clamped it to the dovetail and the bottom of the ruger rail

and it left me with this


i needed to do this cause i had to have room for the bolt handle and room to put in a pellet