View Full Version : Would custom work increase or decrease the value of the new Arsenal Saiga?

09-08-2008, 4:18 AM

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Would it matter if you had a known custom shop do the work vs. doing it yourself vs. having it done by someone skilled yet unknown?

*Post Raddlock Installation*

Who would be the best choices for converting the back end to a traditional AK style buttstock adding a PG and modifying it to accept AK mags?

Is it possible to just install a Raddlock and then send it to any of the top custom AK shops or is this a job for... CAL GUNNERS :D with the time and expertise to take on the work?


09-08-2008, 6:26 AM
In general, like all guns, specially in the 1911s and now Ak styles, the value only goes up if the work is done by a reputable custom gunshop that specialized in that specific firearm. This can take 20 plus years or so..Yost for instance... Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, and Nighthawk specialize in 1911s but more off the shelf, Arsenal specializes in AKs and is well known. They will retain a lot of their value, but apprecaite or increase is a hard question and in most cases they do not. They will sale a lot faster in the used arena and you get more money for them, but compared to "New" pricing or MSRP, most likely not. You only can do so much to an AK, even beat up ones are dependable as heck, I believe it's more cosmetic and in some cases you might even accurize one to do MOA, but there are so many other semi auto rifles designs (AR, XCR, etc..) that can do better than MOA and is in the same price range. Plus your demographic of buyers will be few as AK can be had in some cases the $200-$400 range where Arsenal starts $1,000.

Doing it yourself actually is worst as most gun buyers will question your skills, they will wonder if it was done right or are they getting a mess with lemon that someoe put together.

Having different smith do different parts of the gun is also not a great idea as you would have to keep all the necessary document of the work done and in the end it's still an AK, having one shop do all the work however is the better choice.

my .o2 good luck