View Full Version : Retro rimfire AR build

Gator Monroe
09-06-2008, 7:49 PM
Rimfire AR build as a replica of an A1 or early XM without BFA and with 20 in. barrel and anodized lower & upper for A1 look with old style FH, early furniture and other early A1 details (How would I go about this build ?):):chris:

Gator Monroe
09-06-2008, 8:16 PM
Are there slickside dedicated Rimfire uppers ?:confused:

Gator Monroe
09-06-2008, 9:07 PM
Lower parts kit ($50.00) A1 slip ring ($15.00) Ejection port cover assembly ($8.00) Slick side upper reciever parts kit($25.00)? ...

09-07-2008, 5:14 AM
You could get a USGI upper and put a ciener kit on it. Probably the closest you can get. I am still trying to find magazines that look right. Black Dog mags are great, but not close enough.

09-07-2008, 7:02 AM
Fulton-armory.com sells A1 slick side upper receivers.
Model1Sales.com sells .22LR barrels & modified ciener bolts (don't forget to order the front sight post/detent/spring & sling swivel like I did). Plus barrel wrenches & action blocks to build the upper.
You can get the straight delta ring from Sherluk.com or from CMMGinc.com.


I tried a XM-177 slip over flash hider on it, but the balance was too front heavy. So it went back to an A1 birdcage.