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09-06-2008, 5:54 PM
hi guys my father in law just bought a muzzle break from johnmasen.com and we are not sure if this is legal in calfornia to add on his mini 14...we are not sure if we should install this or not...the muzzle break that he got is http://www.johnmasen.com/Merchant2/m...egory_Code=RMA and also he has the 580 series is there a way to install this if its legal in california..i also asked perfectunion.com but no replies yet....


09-06-2008, 8:26 PM
I can't get the link to work.

c good
09-06-2008, 8:38 PM
If it's a true muzzle brake then legally you have no worries. Personally, I don't see a need for a muzzle brake on a Mini-14. I've been shooting mine for 20 years now and it's such a mild recoil I wouldn't worry about it. It's just a matter of time before some under educated person thinks it's a "Flash Supressor" and then who knows what could happen. Better safe than sorry, is my motto when it comes to firearms. c good

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09-06-2008, 8:49 PM
chances are if it has slots parallel to the bore it is a flashhider if it has holes or cuts that are perpendicular to the bore then it is a brake

09-06-2008, 8:52 PM
Even if the item is listed on the website as a muzzle break for the mini 14, you might want to check to be sure.

A quick and easy way to tell between a muzzle break and a flash hidder will be the diameter of the opening (among other things). A muzzle break wil have a diameter just larger than the hole the .223 passes through. A flash hidder typically will have an opening larger.

Even if the break is legal, many LE will not know the difference between the two. And DOJ isn't much better.

Ask your father in law, "Is it worth the hassle or your time if it becomes an issue? Is it worth having the rifle confiscated over a $10 item? Is it worth legal fees to get it back?"

09-06-2008, 9:12 PM
chances are if it has slots parallel to the bore it is a flashhider if it has holes or cuts that are perpendicular to the bore then it is a brake

FYI - Just for clarification. Slots, holes or cuts are not a good indicator of definition for a muzzle break. I asked the question a few months ago myself.

Here's what oshmily said on it at that time.
That definition is spurious.

There are muzzle brakes with "slashes" and flash suppressors with "holes" and there are some flash suppressors with neither slashes nor holes (see the old cone flash suppressor on M1 carbines and other guns.

The best definition is whether the muzzle device provides a space where hot gases and unburned powder can combust by essentially being 'carburated" in an unimpeded chamber. In other words, if the exit diameter of the muzzle device is much greater than the diameter of the caliber, it is probably a flash suppressor. If the exit diameter is sized so that it is only big enough to allow the bullet to exit safely, it is probably a muzzle brake. The small hole diameter will expel gases and unburned powder out the front of the gun more than a muzzle device with a large, open space for the gas and powder to burn before exiting the device

Or to quote the addict.
The big open front end combined with the slots make it a good flash suppressor.
If the front end opening was smaller, like just larger than bullet diameter, it would be a muzzle brake.

Hope that helps.