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09-03-2008, 12:42 PM
like the title says. Picking up my remi 700 in 223 soon. Purpose of the gun is for target and very SLIGHT chance of varminting. I'd like something to hit targets at 200 up to 500 yards as I get better. Already has 1" rings on it and under or around $200. Obviously the best bang for the buck that is reliable. I've searched had everyone recommends everything. To recap

Remi 700 223 1:12 twist HB
Target shooter
< $200
reliable and holds zero...obviously
1" rings
can shoot out to 500 yards
this will also be my first optic. I've never used glass.


09-03-2008, 3:10 PM
Bushnell 3200 10x mildot.

09-03-2008, 3:52 PM
Bushnell 3200 10x mildot.

That or look at some Nikons, although they are mostly over 200. Buckmasters are nice scopes for not a lot of money.

09-03-2008, 4:48 PM
Bushnell 3200 10x mildot.

+1 for the Bushnell, it is a very capable and nearly indestructible scope. I've shot mine at up to 600 yards on my AR-15. My one and only complaint about the scope is that the reticle has a tendancy to be very reflective, which can make it hard to distinguish against a light background.

09-03-2008, 6:07 PM
$200 is a tough number to meet. If you can save another $100 I'd recommend a Burris 4.5-14x-42mm Fullfield II Rifle Scope. I bought one a couple of years ago for my varminter AR and I think it's hands down the best bargin that I have for scopes. The 14X is great for medium-long range.

Normally I recommend Leupolds as the best price vs quality scope but the Burris with the varminter reticle is really nice for the money.

09-04-2008, 10:26 AM
Since it's your first scope, I'd recommend a variable over fixed, even though you get less quality for the same money. The reason is you'll learn a lot more about what works for you and what the issues with scopes are.

For those distances, you want more magnification, rather than less (I'd look for 3-9x minimum, and would prefer a 14x top end), and as Fjold says, it's tough to meet your needs for under $200. Decent rings are going to account for $20-30 of that, minimum, and that doesn't leave much for the scope.

Bump your total up to $220-250 (including tax and shipping), and you can get a decent set of rings and a $200-ish 3-9x scope that will serve you pretty well for starter optics. I'd avoid the urge to get a bunch of features and magnification in an inexpensive scope, as the optical quality and reliability will likely suffer.

If you don't mind slightly used, SWFA's samplelist.com has some good deals on basic scopes with excellent customer support:

Here are some good quality basic scope models in that price range:
Leupold Rifleman/VXI
Burris FF II
Weaver V series
Bushnell 3200
Nikon Monarch/Primos
Nikon Buckmaster (some people like these a lot, and samplelist has them for $150)

09-04-2008, 2:10 PM
arg. Thanks guys but seems like everyone has their own preferences. I already have rings so the price is for scope only. Maybe I'll try the simmons whitetail classic. I read somewhere it was great bank for the buck. at only around 100 it frees up money for ammo to sight the f'er in.