View Full Version : Relief From Disability Applications

08-27-2008, 9:26 PM
Has any felon in California been successful in applying for the process known as "Relief From Disability" in order to restore gun ownership rights? At one time there was, on the federal level, a huge Catch 22. The (then) ATF had been ordered to develop a process by which a non-violent convicted felon under certain circumstances could appeal for the prohibitions against gun ownership, etc. to be legally removed, thus restoring his gun ownership rights. The "catch" was that the ATF did not provide a means to implement the process. They had a form you could fill out, but no subdivision or personnel where you could turn it in or have it processed.

Someone recently asked me about the "Relief From Disability" and it reminded me of the above that occurred a decade or more ago. As cops lost their jobs due to the ex post facto implementation of gun prohibitions due to past spousal battery convictions, I was wondering if there was anyone who knows if there is an actual process to restore gun rights post conviction.

I am assuming not, since I've not heard of any cops returning to work (even for misdemeanor level convictions) nor have I heard of any other situations where people got their gun rights restored.